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Chapter 2607: She already knows (4)

Moreover, it affected him greatly!

Li Moying’s expression stiffened up as he immediately realized that he had misspoken.

But he put on a composed smile as he attempted to pacify her. “Li’er, what nonsense are you thinking about again… I’ve already told you that I’m not affected. Take a look, isn’t my Soul Detachment Illness already cured?”

Huang Yueli narrowed her eyes and stared at him for a while.

Li Moying broke out into cold sweat but he still put up a nonchalant look as he gazed deeply into her eyes.

If it was any other person, that person would have been deceived by his outstanding acting skills.

However, Huang Yueli didn’t let him off the hook so easily.

She somehow had a sort of instinct that things weren’t as simple as this. Otherwise, this man would not spend so much effort in hiding it from her.

Huang Yueli thought for a moment and turned his head towards Liu Buyan, “Senior Brother, tell us. Moying’s Soul Detachment Illness… is it really cured?”

When Liu Buyan saw them become reconciled, he was just about to leave secretly in case they tortured him with their sweet nothings.

Whoever knew that he had just walked to the entrance when Huang Yueli cried out to call him. Moreover, Huang Yueli asked a question that was so difficult to answer.

Liu Buyan’s footsteps took a pause and when he turned his head back, he didn’t know what to say momentarily.

Li Moying saw his hesitation and he shot a dangerous look at him. The coercion and threat in his gaze landed on Liu Buyan and it made him felt pressured.

The latter could only give a helpless reply, “Junior Sister, you’re thinking too much. Moying’s Soul Detachment Illness is completely cured. You have also taken his pulse yourself, right?”

Huang Yueli was slightly surprised when she heard that.

Li Moying hastily walked up and encircling his hand around her slender waist, he pulled her into his arms and spoke softly, “Li’er, I told you that you were thinking too much right?”

However, Huang Yueli still wasn’t hoodwinked by him. She thought over it for a moment and suddenly frowned.

“That’s not right, something’s not right about this!”

“What else is there not right?” Li Moying lowered his head and blew his breathe gently on her ear, “Tell me about it, hmm?”

His pure male presence shrouded around Huang Yueli’s cheek. His deep and sexy voice made one wallow into it uncontrollably.

Huang Yueli was bewitched for a moment, and she would fall for Li Moying’s handsome male trap practically every single time.

But this time, she was just too concerned about the answer to this question so she only went into a short daze and regained her consciousness.

“Enough, I’ve already given you a chance, to be honest, but you still refuse to tell me. So that leaves me to make wild guesses on my own!”

She pushed Li Moying aside, and her expression grew solemn.

“Senior Brother, if I didn’t guess wrongly, Moying’s Soul Detachment might have recovered. But he used an ancient cabala, borrowing the heavenly thunder’s might to tear his primordial spirit apart. Even in God Realm, it was impossible to recover from this kind of damage. Just based on Soaring Heavens Continent’s medicinal pills refined from few stalks of medicinal herbs, how is it possible for him to recover totally? So Moying’s primordial spirit remains damaged. Your so-called recovery merely means that his primordial spirit would no longer break down when he uses his Profound Energy.”

Liu Buyan had not expected Huang Yueli to make such an accurate guess, and he went blank for a moment before revealing an awkward expression.

Huang Yueli noticed his expression and immediately said, “Senior Brother, this is something that I’m guessing and not you leaking out the secret to me. So if I’ve guessed it wrongly, just rebuke my guess. But if my guess is correct, you can just stay silent!”