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Chapter 2576: True Sacred Phoenix Race (12)

Bai Liufeng shook his head, “Stop trying to deceive me! I heard your entire conversation with Lord Zhan earlier! The reason why Lord Zhan captured you is so that he can kill you at some sacrificial ceremony, to use your blood essence to activate an array! Don’t think that I don’t know about this!”

Huang Siluo’s expression instantly paled, “You… you…. you heard all about this?”

Bai Liufeng lifted his head and gazed straight into her eyes with a peaceful and determined look.

“That’s right, I heard every single word! This sacrificial ceremony would probably be done very soon, isn’t it? Yet you’re still unwilling to leave with me?”

When Huang Siluo heard that, her expression changed completely as she withdrew her hand with force.

“Enough! Liufeng, it’s not that I’m not willing to leave with you, but I can’t! My Eldest Brother will never allow me to leave this place, and even if we do manage to escape, he will seek us out! But if you leave alone, he might not pursue you relentlessly!”

Bai Liufeng held her hand tightly, not allowing her to escape as he quickly said, “Siluo, I know you’re doing this for me. That’s why you’re willing to stay here, and you want me to leave quickly! But have you ever thought about what I think? We’ve been separated for such a long time and I’ve finally managed to find you, but you’re unwilling to leave with me? How can I possibly leave you here alone, facing the situation where you might be killed anytime whereas I go wandering about in a carefree manner? Impossible! You must leave with me today. Even if I have to die here today, at least I can accompany you in death!”

Huang Siluo’s eyes widened, as she was both shocked and touched.

She blinked and the tears started dripping from the corner of her eyes.

“Liufeng, you…. you… why must you do this? What have I ever done, to deserve someone like you… The truth is, I am just a liar. That year, I concealed my identity and got close to you. Otherwise, you’d have found another lady with a simple background and lead a fulfilling life. Why would you have suffered so much, even near death, just because of me?”

Bai Liufeng hugged her tightly as his arms encircled her. His embrace was so tight that their ribs were in pain, but he still wasn’t willing to let her go at all.

“Stop these absurdities! I was the one who liked you first and I don’t want to find some lady with a simple background. I only like you! Even if I were to die here today, that’s something that I do willingly! Alright, let’s stop talking. Hurry and leave with me!”

Saying that he pulled Huang Siluo’s hand and was about to leave.

However, Huang Siluo stopped after a few steps.

“Siluo, what’s the matter?” Bai Liufeng asked with a frown.

Huang Siluo wiped her tears and said softly, “Liufeng, go on first!”

“Haven’t I said that I don’t mind…..”

Bai Liufeng hadn’t finished his sentence when he was interrupted by Huang Siluo.

“Liufeng, I’m saying this, not because I intend to follow my brother’s instructions, to really become a sacrificial offering. But I just don’t want us to die obscurely. If we endure this for a bit longer, we will have enough certainty of our chances to escape. Are you willing to do as what I say?”

Bai Liufeng frowned as his subconsciousness chose to doubt her words.

“Siluo, don’t think of lying to me. Whatever you say, I will not make a move first, and let you continue staying at this god damn place!”

Huang Siluo shook her head slightly, “Listen to what I have got to say first, then make your decision later, alright?”