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Chapter 2575: True Sacred Phoenix Race (11)

Bai Liufeng knew that she was mistaken and hurriedly pacified her, “Siluo, don’t be anxious. It’s not Lord Zhan who captured me, but… but I, who came in on my own!”

“What? You… how could you possibly enter this place? This is the underground level of Snow Phoenix Palace. Even a ninth ranked Array Master could enter successfully without the mechanism distribution map…” Huang Siluo’s face was filled with disbelief, “No, it’s not possible? What on earth is going on?”

Bai Liufeng hurriedly said, “It’s a long story and there’s no time to explain in detail now. Anyway, after I escaped from Snow Phoenix Palace last time, I met with a small opportunity. Not only have I become an Array Master, but my cultivation had also drastically increased at well! So, I especially hurried over today to save you!”

When Huang Siluo heard that, she carefully sensed Bai Liufeng’s aura and was so astonished that her mouth opened wide.

Bai Liufeng was at a genuine ninth stage realm peak cultivation!

Moreover, she could tell from his self-effacing and powerful aura that his true ability, should be much higher than the normal Sky Chart top exponents!

“This… Liufeng, you really… really have become so powerful! How did you do it?” Huang Siluo asked astonishedly.

When she separated from Bai Liufeng a few years ago, he was merely at seventh stage realm. Moreover, Bai Liufeng’s innate talent was not as good as hers. Furthermore, he had been delayed as he was born in a small place like South Yue Kingdom. Therefore, his ability would not be raised so quickly. It would already be an achievement if he could ascend into ninth stage realm before he turned fifty years old.

But the current Bai Liufeng was only thirty years old, and he had already reached the potential of a peak rate top exponent!

This was simply out of Huang Siluo’s expectations.

Bai Liufeng replied, “I’ll explain this slowly after we leave Snow Phoenix Palace. Now, we don’t have time to waste. We must take this opportunity when Lord Zhan isn’t around, to leave this place quickly.”

Hearing that, Huang Siluo instantly regained her senses.

She shook her head and shoved Bai Liufeng. “No way, I can’t leave with you! Liufeng, hurry on and leave this place quickly! I’m really grateful that you have infiltrated this place to see me, but this is simply too dangerous! Hurry and leave now, and don’t come back in future!”

Bai Liufeng was shoved but not only did he not back off, but he also pulled Huang Siluo into an embrace, holding on to her tightly.

“Siluo, what nonsense are you saying? I came here just to save you, and I will not leave you alone! Relax, my ability now isn’t beneath Lord Zhan, and I can get you out of this place!” Saying that he wanted to carry her and leave.

“No, you can’t, it’s impossible!” Huang Siluo wasn’t willing to move. “I am Sacred Phoenix Race’s Holy Maiden and my presence is linked to the entire Snow Phoenix Palace. My Eldest Brother had set a restrain on me and he will find out immediately when I leave this room. So he will hurry back to stop you! There are many outstanding top experts in Sacred Phoenix Race, so no matter how strong your ability is, you can’t charge out on your own!”

Bai Liufeng was stunned, but he didn’t forcefully barge again.

“There’s such a thing? This Lord Zhan is simply too vicious and sinister! Let me see if I can remove your restrain first.” He held Huang Siluo’s wrist, thinking of injecting his Profound Energy to probe.

Huang Siluo didn’t resist but she didn’t stop trying to persuade him.

“Liufeng, listen to me! Snow Phoenix Palace is laid with mechanisms everywhere so it’s hard for you to leave, with me by your side! Look at me now. Although I am being confined, I am well fed and dressed so I am leading a comfortable life. I… I don’t want to leave.”