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Chapter 2573: True Sacred Phoenix Race (9)

“What?” Huang Siluo’s face was filled with astonishment but a moment later, she calmed down and said, “So what if you have obtained a piece of the shattered Sky Phoenix Ring? Its power is, after all, not strong enough and even if you were to use the shattered piece as the medium, it cannot be guaranteed that it would break open the space barrier isn’t it?”

Lord Zhan said disapprovingly, “It indeed cannot be guaranteed, but there’s at least a thirty percent chance of success! So it’s still worth a try.”

Huang Siluo stared at him in disbelief, “What did you say? Only thirty percent chance? Just for that mere thirty percent chance, you had to sacrifice so many people’s lives? Just for a thirty percent chance of ascension??”

Lord Zhan looked at her with a faint smile and replied slowly, “Third Sister, This Seat had already reminded you multiple times. This thirty percent chance does not belong to This Seat alone, but a chance for everyone! There are so many god clan’s descendants like our Sacred Phoenix Race, and so many human race practitioners. Just this little bit of sacrifice, of course, it’s worth it!”

“You… you’re simply deranged!” Huang Siluo’s face turned pale from anger.

“You’ve already said this multiple times, Third Sister.” Lord Zhan just ignored her fury as he continued, “Anyway, you’d best be prepared. If you willingly take the initiative to sacrifice for Sacred Phoenix Race, Eldest Brother I, will make sure that the clansmen all remember your kindness but if you insist on going against me… why don’t you think about that gigolo who you had privately married, about what kind of ending will it be for him?”

Hearing that, Huang Siluo was stunned for a moment. But following that, her expression changed abruptly.

“You… what did you say? What did you do to Liufeng? Where is he right now? No, you’re just lying to me. He had already escaped from Snow Phoenix Palace the last time!”

Lord Zhan sneered, “So what if he escaped? His innate talent is only so-so, and until now, he’s probably an elementary ninth stage realm practitioner? Since you’ve been obedient for the past few years, so This Seat cannot be bothered to find trouble for him. If you are not willing to coordinate with This Seat, then This Seat will find and capture him, which doesn’t take much effort to do so… you also don’t wish for This Seat to torture him severely in front of you, to coerce you to obey right?”

“You… Huang Zhanxiao, you shameless villain! Liufeng is your brother-in-law! How can you do such a thing?” Huang Siluo was unable to remain composed upon hearing Bai Liufeng’s life being threatened, hence her expression changed, and lost her cool.

Lord Zhan retorted, “Brother-in-law? A lowly human race, what right does he have to be This Seat’s Brother-in-law? I’d advise you to stop thinking about all this nonsense and cherish your remaining time left!”

Saying that he utterly lost his patience and flicked his sleeves.

“Men, watch over Holy Maiden and take good care of her. If she were to lose even one hair… This Seat will punish you for this!”

“Yes… Lord Zhan!” The serving maids trembled with fear as they gave their response.

Lord Zhan then turned to leave Huang Siluo’s room.

Although the main door was not closed when they talked, no one in the entire Snow Phoenix Palace dared to eavesdrop on Lord Zhan and Holy Maiden’s conversation.

Hence, their conversation was clearly heard by Bai Liufeng, who hid along the corner of the corridor.

Hearing that, he was thoroughly shocked as he stood rooted on the spot. Even after Lord Zhan had left for a while, he was still unable to regain his senses.