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Chapter 2563: Emergency support (6)

As compared to his last time at Snow Phoenix Palace, there was a huge improvement.

The both of them unleashed their Profound Energies in mid-air and it clashed, giving off a deafening explosion.

Immediately following that, Lord Zhan was pushed back several steps. Although Li Moying’s face turned slightly pale, he remained on his original spot.

Lord Zhan was worried that he would directly kill Huang Yueli, so he didn’t use his full strength, only about fifty percent of his power.

Facing the pressurizing power, Li Moying hadn’t fallen into a disadvantageous position.

His embarrassment turned into fury as he cursed at him for ‘courting death’. He then leaped into the sky once again, hoping to kill this fellow who caused embarrassment to him, with his full power.

Li Moying’s expression turned grave, but he stood up straight, standing right in front of Huang Yueli in a determined and unwavering manner.

However, Lord Zhan had not even managed to strike them when he heard Bai Liufeng coughing behind him.

“Cough cough, Huang Zhanxiao, trying to hurt my daughter and son-in-law in front of me, do you think that I’m already dead?”

Lord Zhan then recalled that Bai Liufeng was right behind him, but it was already too late.

A gust of powerful surging Profound Energy was unleashed towards his back, and the speed was extremely fast. He only managed to move in time, evading a fatal injury to his chest. But he was still within Bai Liufeng’s attack boundary.

He groaned dully and flew outwards.

“Lord Zhan!”

“Lord Zhan, how are you feeling?”

Sacred Phoenix Race’s practitioners all started to fluster when they saw Lord Zhan injured.

The intensity of their attacks instantly decreased for Li Moying and the others by a huge bit, so they were able to manage it easily.

Bai Liufeng struck his target in one shot but he didn’t continue to engage in battle. Instead, he worked up his footwork, leaped upwards, and raced towards Huang Yueli’s side.

“Father!” Huang Yueli revealed a joyful expression when she saw Bai Liufeng heading over.

However, Bai Liufeng seemed extremely anxious as his tone urged them anxiously, “Quick! Quickly leave this place, otherwise, it will be too late!”

“Father-in-law!” Li Moying swiftly finished up the few enemies in front of them and walked over, as he held onto Bai Liufeng.

Huang Yueli then realized that Bai Liufeng’s face was frighteningly pale. Looked like before they arrived, Bai Liufeng had already sustained a serious internal injury. Earlier that strike he made towards Lord Zhan, had already used up the remaining Profound Energy which he had left.

Huang Yueli knew the severity of this matter and didn’t dare to slight it, hence she instantly led them out of the bronze door.

“Damn it, stop them, stop them right now!” Lord Zhan’s exasperated voice came from behind them.

However, Sacred Phoenix Race’s practitioners had all been injured badly by Li Moying and the rest, so for a moment, no one managed to climb up to chase after them.

Huang Yueli and all of them seized this opportunity, making use of their footwork Profound Skills to the limit, as they swiftly ran outside.

“This side….. turn left when you reach the front! …. There’s an invisibility array on the right wall, Guardian Yu please take a look… quickly, directly knocked hard into that wall. No matter, there’s nothing there. It’s just an illusionary array! …”

Huang Yueli worked up her Agility Dance Steps as she ran while observing the surrounding situation as she gave out various instructions continuously.

Under her leadership, the few of them managed to counter one after another checkpoint.

The sound of those Sacred Phoenix Race practitioners’ pursuit was originally very near. But later on, it grew fuzzier and fuzzier, as they threw a huge distance between the two groups.

As Bai Liufeng’s energy had depleted completely, he was practically carried by Li Moying and Cang Po Jun.