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Chapter 2562: Emergency support (5)

For a moment, he didn’t know how he should react.

On one hand, he felt extremely touched that Huang Yueli headed over so anxiously to save him. But on the other hand, he couldn’t wait to lecture his daughter, asking her to stop acting so recklessly!

But Huang Yueli and the others had come in time. They arrived just at the moment when Bai Liufeng was feeling desperate, and it instantly eased his pressure.

When Lord Zhan saw the few of them appearing, he was extremely astounded. But it only took moments for him to regain his senses.

“You…. all of you… very good. I was still thinking about where should I go and find you. I did not expect you to come knocking on my door on your own! Simply looking for death!” Lord Zhan laughed nastily as he gritted his teeth to say that.

Huang Yueli turned around and in that very instance when she saw his face, she went into a short blank.

Because Lord Zhan didn’t have his mask on and this was the first time that she saw his true countenance.

There were indeed some similarities between the two of them, at one glance. He was a handsome man with refined features. The only thing was the phoenix feather totem which was tattooed on his cheek which looked both mysterious and strange. That tattoo added an evil feel to his good-looking face.

Huang Yueli quickly regained her senses. She knew that since they were now in Lord Zhan’s turf, the longer they dragged, the more disadvantageous it would be for them. Moreover, they didn’t know how many top exponents from Sacred Phoenix Race would continue to head over.

She immediately made a decision and shouted, “Father, quickly come over to our side, and all of us should prepare to retreat!”

“Want to escape! It’s already too late!” Lord Zhan sneered, “Men, quickly shut off the mechanism in the underground level. Today, we shall capture them all.”

Following Lord Zhan’s command, a few practitioners immediately turned around to activate the mechanism.

Huang Yueli hurriedly cried out, “Moying! Senior Brother!” At the same time, the strumming of her fingers on the zither chords became swifter, as note after note kept streaming out. Quite a number of practitioners couldn’t stand this mental attack and their faces paled in a second.

Li Moying and Liu Buyan moved swiftly at the same time, chasing after those practitioners.

Their abilities had surpassed same level practitioners by a great deal. So they merely struck a few moves and all of those people collapsed onto the ground.

Cang Po Jun escorted Cang Po Yu to the door, to fight for the controlling right of the surrounding arrays.

When Lord Zhan saw that, his expression turned severe, “Trash, a bunch of trash! What are you still waiting for? Stop them right now!”

The remaining practitioners seemed as though they had just woken from their dreams, as they turned around and surrounded Huang Yueli and the others.

At this moment, Huang Yueli had always swiftly packed up her zither after inflicting a fatal blow on them. She turned around to activate the mechanism.

Lord Zhan himself also followed closely after them, and moreover, his target was very clear-cut. He dashed towards Huang Yueli immediately because he could tell that Huang Yueli was the core member of their group. As long as he managed to capture Huang Yueli, the others would be at his mercy.

He had to take the opportunity to take down Huang Yueli before the others realize what he was planning.

However, Lord Zhan had miscalculated once again.

Even though the surrounding situation was extremely chaotic, Li Moying’s focus had always remained on Huang Yueli.

Hence when Lord Zhan struck out a palm strike towards Huang Yueli, thinking that he would be able to knock her unconscious, he was caught off guard by Li Moying, who scurried out from nowhere.

Li Moying’s Soul Detachment Illness had already been cured, and moreover, he even spent some time cultivating when he was in Blue Profound Sect. So his ability was already at ninth stage realm eighth level.