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Chapter 2561: Emergency support (4)

Bai Liufeng’s expression was icy cold and strict.

But Lord Zhan made nothing of it. His smile became stranger and ferocious.

“Retribution? I don’t know what is retribution! How can lowly people like you even be compared against us, who have ancient God clan’s noble bloodline? Those with lowly bloodlines like you who actually dare to taint Sacred Phoenix Race’s Holy Maiden should have been chopped up into a thousand pieces long ago! If it wasn’t for the fact that you had a fast escape, you would have become a fertiliser for the Blood Moon Spell ten years ago!”

The attacks from the surrounding practitioners were getting more compelling. Bai Liufeng alone was unable to cope with so many enemies so he gradually fell into a disadvantage.

“There’s no point in saying so much. Since I was careless and fell into your trap, even if I am unable to save Siluo and were to die here today, that is my fate! But if you want to use me to supple my blood essence and spiritual root for the Blood Moon Spell, then I can only say that you’re dreaming!” Bai Liufeng gritted his teeth as he said that.

Lord Zhan laughed in a weird manner, “Bai Liufeng, haven’t you always said that you were devoted to my younger sister? Now, we’re just asking you to do something for her clansman but you keep rejecting this. This Seat thinks that you don’t really love my sister at all…”

“You…” Bai Liufeng was speechless, “Anyway, you can forget about me taking your side!”

Lord Zhan smiled coldly, “That is not up to you! Take this!”

He worked up all the Profound Energy in him and struck out ferociously at him!

Surging Profound Energy swept into an air current as it swirled around mid-air and the power kept increasing!

Many Sacred Phoenix Race’s practitioners behind him also took action at the same time.

Their Profound Energies were of the same attribute and the cultivation method they practiced were the same. So there was a mutual response in their Profound Energies, which created an optical screen kind of boundary.

Bai Liufeng’s expression took an abrupt change. Based on his ability, if it was just Lord Zhan alone, even if he resorted to some underhanded means, he would at most be able to kill him. But it would not be possible for him to capture him alive before he self-exploded, nor would Lord Zhan be able to throw him into the Blood Moon Spell.

But when there were so many Sacred Phoenix Race’s practitioners who worked in unison, they actually had enough ability to make him unable to fight back…

Bai Liufeng was unable to move in an instance, as he kept looking at the optical screen shrinking and his heart started to grow forlorn.

Just at this moment, someone gave off a dull groan.

Following that, the optical screen’s glow instantly weakened.

Another few dull groans were heard and the optical screen kept flickering. Until the very end, it completely collapsed.

“Father, don’t worry, we’re here to save you!” A young lady’s shrill was heard from a distance away.

Bai Liufeng had already regained part of his movement. Turning his head around in shock, he saw Huang Yueli carrying a zither in her arms. Her dress was flowy and as her fingers gently waved, a strange zither note rang in everyone’s ears. Quite a number of practitioners shivered, and seemed as though they lost their consciousness.

Of course, the duration of those practitioners going into a trance could only last for a few seconds. But this bit of time was already enough for Li Moying and the others to brandish their swords. Just a slash and many of those strong exponents were heavily injured.

“Lass Li, you…. you…” Bai Liufeng was tongue tied, as he couldn’t say a single word at all.

Never had he expected for Huang Yueli to find him so quickly.

Calculating the speed of their journey, it was obvious that Huang Yueli and the others did not hesitate to infiltrate Snow Phoenix Palace, from the very moment that they arrived at Lone Sky Summit!