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Chapter 2553: Left without saying goodbye (4)

Huang Yueli smiled and shook her head, as she rubbed her face against his chest, “It’s not that I’m not assured, but… My Father’s ability is very strong and I’m worried about those people being discovered. If Father shakes them off and is alarmed, it won’t be easy if we want to find him again!”

Li Moying pinched the tip of her nose and laughed, “I’ve already thought of all these so I specially picked a top exponent to be responsible for this mission.”

Huang Yueli blinked, “You are referring to…. Guardian Yu?”

Li Moying was stunned for a moment, but he burst out laughing after that, “Li’er, aren’t you a little too smart? You even managed to guess this?”

Huang Yueli smiled, revealing her pointy eye teeth, “It’s totally no challenge to guess about this alright? The only one who has enough ability, comparable to my father and yet not be discovered, there’s only a handful of them in Blue Profound Sect. Guardian Yu and my Father are on close terms and both of them had been researching on array skills in the past few weeks. If there’s some abnormal actions from my father, he might be even clearer than us!”

Li Moying nodded, “That’s what I had in mind as well.”

“But…..” Huang Yueli hesitated for a while before she said, “Guardian Yu used his inherent fated blood essence the last time to forcibly activate the Thousand Sword Array and suffered from a major injury! Senior Brother asked him to rest for at least three months but now, it hadn’t even been two months yet…..”

Li Moying answered, “I had the same misgivings but it was Po Yu himself, who insisted on taking up this mission. Moreover, in terms of tailing, Po Yu is Blue Profound Sect’s top choice. Even I, can’t be compared to him so there’s no one who is a more suitable candidate them him. Luckily Liu Buyan had done a thorough examination for him some time ago. He said that his recovery wasn’t too bad, and as long as he didn’t over-exerted himself, it shouldn’t be a problem.”

“That’s great.” Huang Yueli was finally assured.

The both of them discussed briefly and decided to set off to Northern Ice Fields after seven days.

They didn’t set off immediately because they wanted to do some preparations first. The other reason was because they were worried that if so many people followed them, it would be much easier for Bai Liufeng to discover them.

Based on Bai Liufeng’s ability, tailing him was definitely not an easy task and they had to be extremely prudent about this.

Anyway with Cang Po Yu following him, he would send a message back daily and also leave markings of the places that they’d passed by.

As long as Cang Po Yu had not been shook off, they would not lose him.

Seven days later, the group started off on their journey one again, towards the Northern Ice Fields.

This time, in order to avoid being discovered by Bai Liufeng, they abandoned the glamourous Snow Cloud Sky Ship and travelled light, by carriage.

This time round, the one who was left behind in Blue Profound Sect was Cang Po Hun.

He was the youngest among the three Guardians and his character was the friskiest among them.

Cang Po Jun simply couldn’t be assured to leave him behind to hand the Sect’s affairs. Even at the moment before he left, he was still nagging him, “There are not many top experts in the Sect. Although we have a few ninth stage realm peak practitioners, but they still can’t be compared to Sovereign and Marquis Bai. So you must be very careful…”

Cang Po Hun had been frustrated by his incessant nagging for the past few days because he had been hearing the same few sentences over and over again.

He cried out helplessly, “Big Bro, I’ve already memorised everything that you said! Relax and leave everything to me. I’m no longer a child anymore. Since Sovereign trusts me so much, I will definitely handle things beautifully.”