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Chapter 2526: Bridal room and ornamented candles(5)

In the courtyard, these young disciples totally weren’t up for the game as Li Moying just casually swung them around and they totally just sprawled on the ground, totally unable to get up.

Li Moying wasn’t really intending to injure them, but used his exclusive method to seal their meridians hence they could only lie on the ground groaning.

But Liu Buyan’s battle power was much higher.

Li Moying was deeply worried of alarming Huang Yueli hence he could not exhibit his esteemed Profound Skills outside the bedroom.

So after the both of them had fought for a while, Li Moying locked onto Liu Buyan’s neck and flung him onto the ground.

“You…. you beast, dealing with such a heavy hand!”

Liu Buyan’s back crashed heavily onto the ground and he was feeling sore from his back as the muscles on his face couldn’t help twitching.

Li Moying said coldly, “You’re the one who challenged me first, so you deserved this beating!”

Liu Buyan’s eyes squinted as he stared at Li Moying’s handsome but cold face, lowering his voice, “You still have the cheek to say that? If it wasn’t for my timely arrival, you’d already have… to Junior Sister, have you forgotten about what I told you earlier?”

“… I didn’t forget.” Li Moying went silent for a moment and softly spat out these three words.

When this sentence rang in Liu Buyan’s ears, his expression immediately changed.

Liu Buyan straightened his waist and struggled free from Li Moying’s control while hurling a fist onto Li Moying’s handsome face at the same time!

Li Moying was caught off guard as he was punched on the lower jaw while his face slanted towards the right side.

Liu Buyan pounced up again, wanting to give him another punch.

However, Li Moying had already recollected himself so naturally he wouldn’t give him a chance to get another upper hand. The both of them were tangled for a while more and Liu Buyan started to fall into a disadvantage.

But this time, Liu Buyan didn’t lay flat like earlier so even if he was already pushed onto the ground, but he kept on struggling as he continued to struggle, while shooting his angry gaze at Li Moying!

“You… you selfish and shameless fellow! Marquis Bai and I have misjudged you! You… just you wait, I will absolutely not let you get your way and I will tell Marquis Bai about that secret later! Just wait to be chopped up into several parts by him!”

Liu Buyan gritted his teeth as he couldn’t hope d for more than to split him into two halves.

Li Moying pursed his lips and discovered that Liu Buyan really hadn’t been merciful earlier at all. His lower jaw was in pain, evidently it was already swollen…..

His expression sank as he lost his patience, “Liu Buyan, who do you think I am? I’d rather die than to do things that will hurt Li’er! Keep away your absurd guesses! You’re not me, what rubbish are you sprouting? If you dare to reveal anything to my Father-in-law, beware that I will kill you!”

“You…. stop pretending! I’m not blind! Earlier when I entered the room, do you think that I didn’t know what the situation was? If it wasn’t for the fact that I had brought those people along timely, you’d have already done… to Junior Sister, you still dare to say that you won’t harm Junior Sister?? I think you are just thinking of regaining your former ability thus preparing to sacrifice my Junior Sister!” Liu Buyan was filled with anger, as he totally could not be suppressed.

From what he saw, whatever Li Moying was saying now, was merely just to make excuses for himself!

Luckily, he had been worried right from the start that Li Moying would not be able to keep his promise, hence he used the excuse of disturbing the bridal room to create chaos here, otherwise….

Thinking of the result after the both of them had consummated, Liu Buyan felt chilly all over as he couldn’t wait to use a knife and castrate Li Moying there and then!