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Chapter 2522: Bridal room and ornamented candles(1)

Chi Xiao Jiu’s body shook as he lifted his head and looked at Li Moying.

As compared to his current dishevelled look, what Li Moying said earlier made him even more terrified!

“You…. you….” He barely squeezed these few words out from his throat, but yet was unable to complete a full sentence.

Li Moying softened his tone and said, “You and Elder Chen as well as the others have already made arrangements to coordinate with them from the inside, to catch This Sovereign off guard… alas, why haven’t you ever thought about this fact that why did Elder Chen stop contacting you the minute This Seat returned back to Levitation Sword Palace? Even the Black Cloud Dove that you sent out has not returned??”

Chi Xiao Jiu couldn’t even make a single sound out by now, as his eyes reflected that he had totally given up hope.

“But don’t you worry, This Sovereign is about to get married and my Father-in-law feels that it’s bad luck so This Sovereign isn’t allowed to kill anyone so they’re all still alive. Later on when you go to the Serpent Hole, you will be able to meet your old friends…..”

Chi Xiao Jiu’s body twitched and suddenly his head toppled to one side, and stopped moving.

Apparently he had already fainted by suppression of the last straw

Li Moying waved his hand and the disciples on duty all gushed up, as they dragged Chi Xiao Jiu away.

He was already the last person and after Chi Xiao Jiu’s figure disappeared, Li Moying then tidied his groom’s ceremonial robe as he walked back into Levitation Sword Palace once more.

In the middle of the main hall, Huang Yueli had a faint smile as her bright autumn eyes fixed onto him without blinking.

The young lady dressed in the bright red bride’s gown, quietly stood there waiting for his return.

Li Moying looked at that pure and alluring image as his heart warmed and he was so agitated that he almost couldn’t control himself.

He took quick steps towards Huang Yeuli and grabbed her little hand, “Li’er, I’ve already settled everything. I’m sorry for making you wait for such a long time.”

Huang Yueli’s lips curled up as two adorable dimples appeared on the sides of her face, as she shook her head, “Not long, it hasn’t been long at all. As long as I can wait, I don’t mind waiting however long it takes!”

Li Moying’s icy cold intention dissipated in a second as his eyes were filled with tenderness.

Just a breath ago, he was still an unwavering murderous Blue Profound Sect’s Sovereign but now in front of Huang Yueli’s smiling face, he was only the most ordinary man who he could be.

He understood everything that Huang Yueli had said.

The both of them… for today’s moment, they had simply waited for too long, too long…..

But only at this moment when their love found a way together, paying any price for this was totally worth it.

Li Moying pulled Huang Yueli’s wrist gently as he wanted to pull her into his arms.

Whoever knew that at this moment, a heavy coughing sound was heard from Huang Yueli’s back.

“Cough cough, what time is it already? Still not going to proceed with the wedding ceremony? Stinky brat, you haven’t even bowed to Heaven and Earth, who approved of your dirty hand touching my Lass Li?”

The awe-inspiring Sovereign, in front of his Father-in-law, had once again been disparaged into dregs….

How embarrassing was this!

Li Moying’s lips twitched as he silently mumbled in his heart: I’ll give in to you for another hour and after tonight, Li’er will be part of my family! Married women listen to their husbands while their fathers could be thrown over the wall!

Huang Yueli looked at Li Moying’s ever-changing expression and had more or less guessed what he was thinking in his mind, as she couldn’t help but laugh silently.

She retracted her hands and placed the head covering over her head once again, as she turned towards the main door entrance once more.

Li Moying also returned to his own position as he stood firm.