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Chapter 2521: Wedding night, no bloodshed (10)

Outside Levitation Sword Palace.

Li Moying lowered his head to look at the Six Sacred Lands’ exponents beneath his feet, who went limp like a pile of mud as he said indifferently, “The few of you…. what else do you want to say now?”

Chi Xiao Jiu and the others were feeling the pain in their entire body and other than moaning, they weren’t able to make any other noises at all.

Of course, even if they could say anything, they probably had nothing to say right now.

These few days when they set off to Blue Profound Sect, they felt that today’s actions would be something that was a sure-win for them and after today, the Number One Sacred Lands would be something in their pockets.

In the end whoever knew that accidents just kept emerging in innumerable succession.

Li Moying was actually Mu Chengying’s reincarnation and this news itself always left them stunned like vegetables!

Whoever knew that the more shocking news was actually behind. Bai Ruoli’s father was actually an unsurpassed top exponent who was equivalent to Lord Zhan!

This news, to Chi Xiao Jiu and the others, was a fatal blow.

Originally they had nothing to fear and a large degree of it was because they had the backing of an invincible top expert Lord Zhan. But now, they realised that Lord Zhan’s ability might not be the most powerful…..

The Six Sacred Lands’ top experts’ hearts had practically turned into ashes as they laid limp on the ground without moving at all.

Li Moying gestured towards the disciples on duty to drag all of them down.

“Drag them all to the rear mountain’s Serpent Hole and look after them carefully… right, don’t ever let them die, at least not today! Today is This Sovereign’s big day!”


The group of disciples all responded immediately as they went up happily to drag them.

After finding out that Li Moying was Mu Chengying whom they admired so much, Blue Profound Sect’s disciples were all exceptionally excited and on hearing their command, they naturally fought to offer their service.

A majority of the Sky Chart top experts had completely given up on resisting and even if those young disciples who came to drag them away didn’t have high cultivations, and they could easily deal with them with one finger usually, but right now, they didn’t have any intention to move at all.

So what even if they were able to defeat these young disciples? Could they possibly escape from Li Moying and that abnormal Father-in-law’s clutches?

Only Chi Xiao Jiu, in that instance when he was surrounded by those young disciples, his Profound Energy suddenly rose dramatically!


The young disciples were caught off guard as they screamed in shock while being struck away.

But before Chi Xiao Jiu could get up, Li Moying made a flash and appeared right beside him. A bolt of electric current flashed past and he fractured Chi Xiao Jiu’s four limbs!

Chi Xiao Jiu fell onto the ground entirely and his face flopped towards the ground, giving off a loud sound.

Just hearing that sound alone, it made everyone’s heart shake!

It was totally imaginable just how badly he had fallen.

“Li…. Li Moying… pui pui pui! You dare…. you dare to treat me in this way….. later… I will absolutely let you die without a burial ground!”

Chi Xiao Jiu lifted up his head and he just started speaking when he choked on the blood that was flowing down his forehead and nose.

Blood filled his entire face as he laid limp on the ground under Li Moying’s feet like a dead dog. This posture was extremely dishevelled to the maximum.

Chi Xiao Jiu almost fainted from anger!

As the Palace Lord of one of the Seven Sacred Lands, Mythical Flame Palace, he had never been in such a sorry state before.

He used the last sliver of energy as he lashed out furiously, hurling arrogant and conceited remarks at Li Moying.

However, Li Moying only revealed a cold-blooded smile when he heard him.

“Palace Lord Chi, you’re already at this stage and you still want me to die without a burial ground? What are you waiting for? Waiting for someone to run out from the Blue Profound Sect to save you?”