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Chapter 2520: Wedding night, no bloodshed (9)

Bai Liufeng slowly walked towards his own position right behind Huang Yueli.

Those practitioners present all looked at him in extreme awe, as their eyeballs were almost about to drop on the ground!

This… this…. it was absolutely their eyes that had gone blurry earlier?

How could such a thing be possible?

This elegant and suave man who was seated in the Senior’s seating, his status was something that everyone knew long ago, and he was Bai Ruoli’s father! His background was not considered a secret, and he was merely some Marquis from South Yue Kingdom.

This kind of background, in South Yue Kingdom was considered as a somebody but what was he counted as when he came to Sky Emperor City?

So right from the start of the wedding, no one had attached any importance to Bai Liufeng at all!

In the outsiders’ eyes, a practitioner like Bai Liufeng who came from such a small place definitely had ordinary ability and even if his cultivation was at ninth stage realm peak, but in terms of genuine ability, he was absolutely not comparable to those Sky Emperor City’s Sky Chart top experts.

Although Li Moying was extremely respectful towards this Father-in-law, but everyone deemed that it was because he was smitten with Huang Yueli hence he loved her house as well, so it had nothing to do with Bai Liufeng himself at all!

But in the crowd’s eyes of this “ordinary ability” and “depending on his daughter to claim relations to the Number One Sacred Lands” handsome man, in everyone’s full view, he had actually just used one move to crush ten over Sky Chart top experts’ united attack!

A majority of them were not even able to see his actions clearly, and it was only when Bai Liufeng spoke to Li Moying when they realised that he was the one who dealt such serious injury to Chi Xiao Jiu and the others!

Momentarily, everyone’s faces surfaced a shocked and revered expression!

“This…. isn’t he just too powerful! Palace Lord Chi and the others… they’re all famous top experts on the Sky Chart!”

“Did you see how Marquis Bai struck earlier? He’s so fast, I totally didn’t catch anything at all!”

“Heavens, this kind of ability.. it’s simply unheard of! Perhaps only Sovereign Mu with that year’s peak ability could match up against him!”

“Where did this kind of peerless top exponent pop out from??”

This question was something that everyone had in their minds.

After the initial shock, many of them all started whispering, trying to guess Bai Liufeng’s identity.

No one would ever believe that such a practitioner from such an ordinary background, actually possessed this abnormal ability!

However, no matter how they guessed, at least there was something that all of them had no choice but to admit.

That was, after Li Moying and Huang Yueli got married, his Father-in-law who possessed such excellent ability would definitely stand on Blue Profound Sect’s side.

So, even if Li Moying had yet resumed to its peak condition, but the deterrent force of the Number One Sacred Lands only increased without any decline!

Right now, Bai Liufeng’s ability didn’t lose out to Mu Chengying back then and a few years later, after Li Moying’s ability recovered and even improved even further, just how scary of an existence would Blue Profound Sect be??

All of them thought of this same point at the same time, and in the past decade, those powerhouses who were disrespectful towards Blue Profound Sect because of Mu Chengying’s disappearance, were all scared out of their wits!

Bai Liufeng just continued to lift up the teacup to drink the content, totally as though he hadn’t noticed everyone’s gazes.

Huang Yueli blinked her big round eyes while looking at him, “Father, you’re so awesome! It’s all thanks to Father!”

She was deeply afraid that Bai Liufeng would show Li Moying a black face so she hurriedly offered honeyed fawning words at the first moment.

How could Bai Liufeng possibly miss out on her intentions as he instantly replied with a cold harrumph.