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Chapter 2512: Wedding night, no bloodshed (1)

“I naturally don’t dare to doubt Lord Zhan, but… but, now the Thousand Sword Array has been activated! Mu Chengying must definitely… definitely be still alive?” Sect Master Hua’s voice was quivering.

The wolf was in the front and the tiger was behind them, and now he had already delved in a situation where he could neither step forward nor back off.

Chi Xiao Jiu clenched his teeth and he was feeling extremely terrified inside as well but now that things had come to this, he already had no way to retreat and nor was it possible for him to allow the others to retreat first!

“Whom among you saw Mu Chengying? Mu Chengying isn’t in the main hall at all! Yes, the Thousand Sword Array was indeed activated, but the person who activated it, might not necessarily be Mu Chengying!” Chi Xiao Jiu’s forehead creased as he thought of a possibility.

Sect Master Hua quivered, “Palace Lord Chi, you mean to say… Mu Chengying is actually dead but he had left Li Moying the method to activate the array?”

When Ling Qing Yu heard their discussion, she couldn’t help but butted in, “This isn’t possible right? The method to control the Thousand Sword Array, is only passed on to the successor when the previous Sovereign passes away and Li Moying only arrived at Blue Profound Sect one year ago. Whereas based on what Lord Zhan had said, Mu Chengying had already demised not long after he announced that he went into closed door cultivation that year…. This timing just doesn’t match up!”

Chi Xiao Jiu’s brows creased tightly, as various kinds of thoughts kept flashing past his mind.

Whatever that had happened today, was simply too strange and he just simply couldn’t comprehend it at all!

Every single time, whenever he felt that the truth was just in front of his eyes and within his reach, but in the end, he felt that everything was unexplainable….

Just at this moment, the sound of footsteps was heard coming from afar.

Everyone turned back their heads in haste, only to see Li Moying’s tall and lofty figure appeared slowly from Levitation Sword Palace’s doors, heading towards them.

He stopped a few hundred meters before the top experts from the Six Sacred Lands and looked down at them from the top coldly.

Chi Xiao Jiu felt an indescribably humiliated feeling when his cold gaze swept past him!

Today, he came with a plan in advance, assuming that he would be able to take down Li Moying on the spot but in the end, he actually embarrassed himself greatly in front of the entire Sky Emperor City’s high ranking practitioners.

Li Moying was merely a twenty over year old young brat, why exactly was he…. how could he be this strong!

Chi Xiao Jiu’s heart flashed past a thought abruptly as he raised his voice and cried out all of a sudden, “Li Moying! You…. how bold can you be! Blue Profound Sect’s Thousand Sword Array is something that only the Sovereign alone can control. You definitely must have murdered Sovereign Mu, snatching the method of control from him! Originally I was only guessing but now that there is hard evidence, what else do you have to say!”

He intentionally shouted out in an extremely loud voice, just so that he could allow the practitioners in Levitation Sword Palace’s main hall to hear him.

Today he had totally turned tables with Blue Profound Sect and it was impossible for him to give this up halfway.

Since Mu Chengying had not shown himself till now, then he was definitely dead for sure but as for how he died, he just needed to kill Li Moying and he would have completed his mission!

Although Chi Xiao Jiu had suffered a huge disadvantage in front of Li Moying, but he didn’t feel that it was a complete failure.

Because he self assumed that Elder Chen and the other eight top experts were lying in ambush somewhere in Blue Profound Sect, just waiting to coordinate with them from the inside.

Moreover, the Thousand Sword Array’s functionality was only limited to Levitation Sword Palace’s boundary and as long as they stepped out of the palace door, the power would decrease drastically so all they needed was just to be a little more careful as it wasn’t as if they totally weren’t able to deal with this….