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Chapter 2475: Li Moying’s change of fortune (4)

Anyone who found out that his own daughter was actually the legendary peerless exponent who had undergone reincarnation would probably suffer a huge shock!

Especially…. When Bai Liufeng said that he started to admire Mu Chengying since he was at a young age…..

If he suddenly discovered that the future son-law-law whom he had always been torturing and bullying was once the Number One Top Exponent in the Continent…. Would her father faint from the shock?

The more Huang Yueli thought, the more pricklier this matter was.

However, the more she kept silent, the more Bai Liufeng felt that he had guessed it correctly and moreover, he had already started going on various deductions, as he felt extremely worried as he started thinking about it.

“Lass Li, it seems like Father shouldn’t have agreed for you to get married to Li Moying at this moment! It’s Father’s fault for not having thought through all these carefully, because I’ve not expected Blue Profound Sect to be so messy now! I think you should delay your marriage for a little while longer…..” Bai Liufeng couldn’t help but say.

When Huang Yueli heard what he said, she hurriedly replied, “Father, things are really not what you thought it to be! Sovereign Mu he…. he… something did happen but there’s no more problem now, only….”

“Only?” Bai Liufeng looked at her with a face filled with distrust.

This look evidently expressed that Huang Yueli was trying to find a reason to deceive her own father in order to continue with the marriage successfully.

Huang Yueli thought over this carefully and decided to tell Bai Liufeng about the actual situation happening between herself and Li Moying.

After all, Bai Liufeng was now in Levitation Sword Palace and in her, everyone was clear of Li Moying and her identity so even if she didn’t say it out now, sooner or later this matter would be exposed.

She gave a soft cough, “Father, this matter is a long story so let’s head over to the guest hall to have a seat and I’ll tell you all about it slowly!”

Bai Liufeng followed her sceptically as he sat down.

After that, he urged her in anticipation, “You can tell me about it now right? Don’t even think of lying to Father!”

Huang Yueli said, “This matter, Father, you may find it unbelievable but please do try to listen to my story fully and do not interrupt me in the middle of it. If you have any questions, wait till I finish before you ask.”

Bai Liufeng nodded his head, “No problem!”

Without further ado, Huang Yueli stopped hesitating and started speaking about it right from the start, “Father should know that close to seventeen years ago, right at the place in the Northern Ice Fields near Lone Sky Summit, a shocking even that rocked the entire Soaring Heavens Continent happened! Mythical Flame Palace’s Little Palace Lord Huang Yueli was besieged by the Six Sacred Lands and she died due to self-explosion…”

When Bai Liufeng heard this opening, he started developing doubts.

But he remembered Huang Yueli’s earlier request and didn’t say anything much.

Huang Yueli then talked about how Li Moying used the secret technique to collect her primordial spirit and then using his own life as a price to help her get reincarnated, as well as how the both of then met with each other in this lifetime and how they recalled all the past life’s association, slowly unfolding the entire story.

Bai Liufeng was initially seated upright on his seat but as Huang Yueli started depicting this story, the shock on his face became more and more exaggerated!

He suppressed the puzzlement in his heart as his mouth started to move and was just about to ask something when Huang Yueli swept him a glance and he forcefully swallowed it back.

Finally, after Huang Yueli finished her story, she spread out her hands, “Anyway, this matter is like this. Although it sounds very bizarre, but this had indeed happened to both of us. Li Moying is Mu Chengying and he has gone through a lot of things for me in both lifetimes and I am also devoted to him. Previously he suffered from Soul Detachment Illness so he could not express his identity openly but now that his illness is already cured, it will probably not take too long before the entire Soaring Heavens Continent finds out about the news that he has returned!”