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Chapter 2459: Blue Profound Sect’s change (4)

Elder Chen who opened his mouth earlier gave a cold laugh, “Evidence? Of course we have evidence. We Six Sacred Lands do not just send out one or two practitioners on experience learning and quite a number of them saw Li Moying and those people who disappeared having a conflict! It’s not up to Blue Profound Sect to deny this! Stop telling us this rubbish and ask Li Moying to come out! We want a direct confrontation with him!”

Cang Po Yu knew that this was only an excuse and the other party was just here to find trouble so he absolutely would not give way like this.

Moreover, Li Moying wasn’t even around so no matter what, it was impossible for him to make him appear!

In addition, Cang Po Yu seemed to have other worries.

Li Moying left Blue Profound Sect for three months already and before they left, Liu Buyan had already came out with this conclusion saying that if he wasn’t able to refine the Purified Pill for Li Moying within a short period of time, then Li Moying’s Soul Detachment Illness might possibly act up again, with his demise unconfirmed.

Whereas now, there was totally no news of the few of them and such a long period of time had already passed…

Cang Po Yu was already very worried, if the few of them had met with an accident in the Northern Ice Fields!

These Six Sacred Lands’ Elders came knocking on their door, not only did they say that they were looking for Li Moying the minute they came, moreover they even mentioned the location of mishap, which was exactly the Northern Ice Fields!

This made Cang Po Yu have a bad premonition. Could Sovereign really have a conflict with the Six Sacred Lands? Where was he right now?

Just as Cang Po Yu was in deep contemplation, the few Elders had already lost their patience as they all started to urge him.

“Guardian Yu, what are you still hesitating for? Quickly ask Young Sect Master Li out!”

“That’s right, he’s the Young Sect Master from the Number One Sacred Land and now that he has done something, he actually doesn’t dare to come out for a confrontation, is he trying to be a tortoise?”

“Dare to do but don’t dare to own up, where has the past bearing of Blue Profound Sect of yesteryear gone to?”

“One pays with their life after they kill someone and this is only right and proper, ask him to come out and explain clearly! If the missing disciples are really killed by him, he must give each and every one of us an explanation!”

The few of them were speaking out aggressively as they all started to lose control of their Profound Energy.

The few Sky Chart’s strong exponents’ might were unleashed at the same time so even for Cang Po Yu, they all sensed the huge pressure.

But, he didn’t reveal any fear and instead his expression turned icy cold, “What do the few of you mean by this? You can’t even show me any evidence so are you thinking of using violence to pressure Blue Profound Sect to hand him over? To tell you the truth, our Young Sect Master had left Blue Profound Sect three months ago to go on experience learning and till today, he has not returned yet! I also want to ask you all, our Young Sect Master still hasn’t returned after such a long time, did your people from the Six Sacred Lands kill him? Why aren’t you giving Blue Profound Sect an explanation?”

Elder Chen retorted angrily, “Guardian Yu, I’d advise you not to be too much! Li Moying had what kind of cultivation and which one of our younger generation disciples from the few Sacred Lands are his match? You are throwing the target back at us, do you treat us as idiots? Stop with the nagging and quickly ask him out!”

Cang Po Yu spoke out coldly, “I’ve already said this clearly, Young Sect Master isn’t in the Sect! Will the few of you please return back! Men, send the guests off!”

He flicked his sleeve heavily as he showed them the door!

Actually, Cang Po Yu was very worried that Li Moying would be in trouble but he knew clearly that now wasn’t the time to ask for an answer.

Blue Profound Sect’s top exponents, basically had all left with Li Moying to Northern Ice Fields and although the rest of the outer Hall Masters had not bad abilities, but they didn’t knew that Li Moying was actually Mu Chengying.