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Chapter 2458: Blue Profound Sect’s change (3)

Cang Po Hun’s voice was extremely strict and the two of them kept kowtowing non-stop in fright.

“This Disciple doesn’t dare, This Disciple really doesn’t dare! This is what our Hall Master has instructed and he also said that once we see Young Sect Master and Guardians returning, we must inform him immediately! This Disciple’s family’s lives are all in the hands of Hall Master and we don’t dare to defy his command… Young Sect Master, please spare us!”

The two of them were kowtowing furiously as their heads knocked against the ground, giving off a “pong pong pong” crisp sound.

Not too long later, the ground turned red, apparently their heads were already broken from the kowtow as blood started to drip.

Huang Yueli frowned and waved her hand as she said, “Men, drag these two fellows down and lock them up! After we’ve taken care of the others who are creating havoc in the Sect, we’ll punish them altogether!”

Snow Cloud Sky Ship’s disciples were all Blue Profound Sect’s direct disciples and not only were their abilities high, moreover all of them were totally loyal to Li Moying.

On hearing the command, instantly someone headed up and dragged these two outer disciples who were scared until their feet turned into jelly

Cang Po Hun turned around to look at Li Moying and said anxiously, “Young Sect Master, let’s hurry on it! Looks like Big Brother they hadn’t been sending us any news, it’s all because the Sect has undergone a major change! Six Sacred Lands have long wanted to find trouble with us and this time round, they must have found out that our Sovereign’s top exponents have already left and there’s only Second Brother around hence they took advantage of this void space to invade us! Second Brother and the others are probably in danger!”

However, Li Moying was apparently extremely composed as he muttered to himself, “Blue Cloud Hall’s Hall Master… is Wei Zongguang? He was already placed in an important position since twenty years ago and was positioned as the Hall Master! I’ve really not expected this!”

He paused and said, “Let’s go, let’s go in and take a look! But there’s no need to hurry. Let’s slowly head up from the mountain path and don’t alarm anyone…. There’s probably still a good show that hasn’t been played yet!”

Huang Yueli and the others exchanged glances and followed Li Moying’s footsteps.

Just as Li Moying and the others were secretly heading up the mountain, within Levitation Sword Palace, the lights were all turned on and the doors were wide open!

In the front hall, lines up several ninth stage realm peak practitioners.

Taking a detailed look, they were actually all the first twenty top experts in the Sky Chart and every single one of them were famous in Sky Emperor City.

Moreover, all of them were from the Six Sacred Lands!

When Cang Po Yu saw them coming, he abruptly stood up from the main seat and his face initially revealed a shocked expression but following that, his face turned cold.

“Various Elders, what do you mean by this? I don’t seem to recall having invited you over to Blue Profound Sect? You have come uninvited so many I ask what can I do for you?”

One of the Elders took a step forward and said, “Guardian Yu, the few of us have come naturally because we have our reasons. Recently our disciples from Six Sacred Lands have been disappearing in the surroundings of Northern Ice Fields and coincidentally, someone happened to see that your distinguished Sect’s Young Sect Master Li Moying and direct disciple Huang Yueli had once appeared in the vicinity. Now we’re suspecting that the Six Sacred Lands’ disciples’ disappearance are related to Li Moying so may I trouble Guardian Yu to ask him out to give us an explanation!”

When Cang Po Yu heard this, he instantly understood that these people had come intentionally to find trouble and his expression turned colder still.

“Few Elders, this matter definitely is some kind of misunderstanding. Our Young Sect Master and Young Miss Bai had always moved around on their own and it’s not possible that they would initiate any trouble with the other Sacred Lands’ disciples so what evidence do you have to say that of them? If there’s no evidence, speaking casually like this without thinking is plain slander!”