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Chapter 2454: Marriage is nearing (7)

Bai Liufeng shook his head, “This I don’t know, Lord Zhan’s thinking is just too deep and the way he executes things is just too bizarre so how can it be something that we can easily guess? But no matter what, this can be considered as a chance for us. Snow Phoenix Palace resurfaced back on ground level and the difficulty of entering it will decrease greatly so if we want to save your mother, it will be slightly easier!”

Huang Yueli didn’t expect him to say such a thing.

She thought that Bai Liufeng would avoid talking about her mother’s matters but he actually initiated talking about and moreover from the looks of it, he seemed rather confident…

Could it be that she had previously guessed wrongly?

Huang Yueli’s thoughts were racing in her mind but her face didn’t express anything, only asking, “Then Father, what plan do you have?”

Bai Liufeng said, “I’ve thought through it, these mechanisms and arrays seem very difficult to decode just based on the both of us and last time you mentioned that the Continent’s Number One Array Master Cang Po Yu is in Blue Profound Sect and I’m very interested. Just right, we can take the chance while you and Moying are getting married, I’ll also head over to Sky Emperor City to have a chat with him, and at the same time, also meet up with some old friends. Perhaps it might be beneficial.”

Huang Yueli’s brows rose slightly as her heart suddenly seemed to have understood something.

“Father, what you said is correct, I’ve long wanted to bring you over to Blue Profound Sect for a look! Then do you have anything else to prepare? Which day shall we set off?”

Bai Liufeng replied without any hesitation when he heard her, “Rather than picking a day, why not set off today then!”

“Ah? Today?” Huang Yueli received another shock!

Bai Liufeng looked at her curiously and said, “Why are you so shocked? Father is a man, unlike you who needs to pack so many things when I leave the house! Last night, I have already packed up slightly and have also arranged the information related to the arrays and mechanisms so I don’t need to bring anything more. Father is in a hurry to save your Mother so we can’t afford to waste any time, let’s go earlier and return earlier!”

Since Bai Liufeng had already said so, Huang Yueli didn’t find any reason to object as well.

“Alright then, Father, let’s set off this afternoon!”

Saying that, she turned sideways and looked at Li Moying, “Moying, what do you think?”

Li Moying’s lips curled upwards as his peach blossom eyes radiated a warm smile, “We’ll do as you say.”

That afternoon, the few of them teleported out from Sage Yu Xu’s cave dwelling and set off on a return journey to Sky Emperor City.

Before they left, Huang Yueli stood in the snowfield and turned around to gaze afar at the direction of Lone Sky Summit.

This once majestic and lofty snow mountain, had collapsed by a huge chunk because of yesterday night’s unforeseen event.

Whereas at the foot of Lone Sky Summit stood an exquisite and magnanimous palace, which was glistening with crystal like brightness under the sun’s rays.

Snow Phoenix Palace was like a huge magnet, absorbing the surrounding Heaven and Earth Profound Qi. Huang Yueli was able to feel the strong energy which was emitted from Snow Phoenix Palace even from where she was standing.

“This is the last homeland which Sacred Phoenix Race had in Soaring Heavens Continent…”

Huang Yueli took a deep breath and her heart suddenly sighed with regret.

No matter what, her body was flowing with Sacred Phoenix Race’s blood and this was something which she could not deny…

With a top exponent like Bai Liufeng leading the way, the amount of time spent in leaving the freezing zone was much shorter than when they first entered this place.

On the third day, they were already out of the freezing zone and found their way to where the Snow Cloud Sky Ship was parked at.

Blue Profound Sect’s men had always been on the ship, waiting for their return.

The few of them boarded the flying ship and the Snow Cloud Sky Ship ascended into the air and soared forward into the skies.

They were finally on the path of return!