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Chapter 2453: Marriage is nearing (6)

“But the Profound Energy drawn out from practitioner’s bodys aren’t the same. Those have been refined by each practitioner personally and are much purer by a hundred times compared to Heaven and Earth Profound Energy! Moreover, Lord Zhan would specially pick those talented practitioners from the Seven Sacred Lands and their blood essence are much more vigorous than most practitioners so using the means of exhausting their vitality would enable them to derive even more shocking energy!”

Bai Liufeng spoke out slowly as he unfolded all the truth that he knew, one after another.

Although Huang Yueli had made some guesses earlier, but when she really heard Bai Liufeng saying these, her goosebumps all started to raise.

“Heavens, that Lord Zhan is really sick in the mind, to be able to do such a thing! Drawing a practitioner’s Profound Energy and blood essence, just to supply energy to a palace?? That’s a living person’s life! Moreover, they are all talented practitioners who are nurtured by various large powerhouses with all their hearts, and they are entrusted with so many people’s hopes! He simply doesn’t treat them as humans!”

Bai Liufeng scoffed, “What did you think? In Lord Zhan’s eyes, those ordinary practitioners are of course not ‘humans’. Lord Zhan himself boasts that he is from an Ancient God Clan and he’s not the same from ordinary people! I’ve once heard him personally say that since humans can hunt magical beasts and obtain their magical beast cores to cultivate and set up arrays, then Ancient God Clan hunting human practitioners to draw their energies, isn’t it the same?”

“This… he simply… simply…..” Huang Yueli’s eyes opened wide as she became speechless.

Lord Zhan doing this was indeed devoid of human consciousness.

But his fallacious reasoning was something that made one unable to rebute.

Li Moying patted her hands as he gave a cold humph, “Ancient God Clan is indeed high up there! No wonder Lord Zhan doesn’t agree to Mother-in-law and Father-in-law’s marriage!”

Bai Liufeng trembled as he sat back on the chair despondently while sighing, “What Moying said is right, Sacred Phoenix Race had always been intermarrying their own people, just to maintain Ancient God Clan’s bloodline’s purity. But I heard Lass Li’s mother say that there are some malpractice in intermarriages and in recent years, many Sacred Phoenix Race’s clansmen had contracted a strange disease, moreover they contracted the illness at a younger age than usual and quite a number of them were not even able to give birth before they passed away. The clan has lesser and lesser people by the day and moreover their innate talents are no longer as in the past…”

Saying that, his gaze landed onto Huang Yueli, “Those geniuses with excellent innate talents like Lass Li, the Sacred Phoenix Race probably hasn’t even seen one in several hundred thousand years already.”

Huang Yueli’s lips curled in ridicule, “However, I am born from Mother and Father who is someone outside the clan! Sacred Phoenix Race’s regulations are simply too ridiculous! Assume that they are better than others? Alas from what I see, they are merely villains who hide underground and do dirty deeds!”

When Bai Liufeng heard that, he was stunned as he gave a few heavy coughs.

“Cough cough, cough cough, Lass Li, don’t take nonsense. Your mother is a genuine Sacred Phoenix Race and your body is flowing Sacred Phoenix Race’s blood! Every single ethnic group, there would definitely be some good and bad guys, so we can’t lump them together.”

Huang Yueli’s lips tugged, “Anyway, I am not going to admit that lunatic Lord Zhan is my uncle!”

She paused for a moment and said, “Now that Snow Phoenix Palace has risen from the underground, but we don’t know why Lord Zhan is planning to do this, what motive he has and what next step will he take? Father, do you have any idea?”