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Chapter 2452: Marriage is nearing (5)

The minute he said that, Huang Yueli’s heart thumped hard.

Bai Liufeng must have met with some problem, otherwise as a father, it was not possible for him to say such things.

Could it be that, Bai Liufeng really knew what happened in Snow Phoenix Palace last night? Could it mean that her mother was in danger?

Huang Yueli’s heart was going round and round and she hesitated for a moment but she still asked the question, “Father, yesterday night, if I didn’t see wrongly, the Snow Phoenix Palace had suddenly risen from the underground to the surface, hence that caused a few ice mountains nearby to collapse? What on earth is going on? My mother she… will she be affected?”

She was expecting Bai Liufeng to reject replying to this question.

However, the truth was different from what she thought.

Bai Liufeng seemed as though he was long prepared as he totally didn’t hesitate when he opened his mouth, “Yesterday’s situation was indeed so but your worries are unfounded. Snow Phoenix Palace originally was on ground level and moreover, several hundreds and thousands of years ago in ancient times, Sacred Phoenix Race was Soaring Heavens Continent’s most powerful force and they occupied Lone Sky Summit’s best spiritual artery in the entire Continent as Heaven and Earth Qi are all gathered right here. Snow Phoenix Palace’s mechanisms are extremely complex because it has abundant Profound Qi hence it’s able to sustain.”

“However, ten thousand years ago, heaven and earth underwent a major change and Heaven and Earth Profound Qi wasn’t enough so Snow Phoenix Palace started to sink down bit by bit…”

Huang Yueli was flabbergasted when she heard that but quickly understood what was going on, “In this way, it’s almost the same as the ancient array which we saw in Ice Serpent Valley…”

“Ice Serpent Valley?” Bai Liufeng’s brows rose, “What place is that? Are they the descendants of the Ice Serpent clan?”

Huang Yueli was stunned, “Ancient times also has Ice Serpent Clan? No wonder…. Ice Serpent Valley is a large powerhouse in the boundary of the Northern Ice Fields and it’s rumoured that they have many ancient times’ historical remains and inheritances. Before Moying and I entered the freezing zone, we had once helped them restore an ancient array.”

Bai Liufeng nodded his head, “In this way, it shouldn’t be wrong. Sage Yu Xu mentioned in the manuscript that he left behind that Ice Serpent Clan is a half god clan and their ability as compared to Sacred Phoenix Race or such large clans are simply like heaven and earth’s difference so no wonder they could only construct their cave dwelling in the Northern Ice Fields’ boundary.”

Huang Yueli spoke out in enlightenment, “So we can say that Snow Phoenix Palace has also absorbed enough Heaven and Earth Profound Qi in these years hence it’s able to rise up from below? But something’s still not right… Snow Phoenix Palace’s mechanisms are apparently much more complex than Ice Serpent Valley so the Profound Qi they require should be much more right?”

Bai Liufeng looked at her as he gave a slight sigh.

“Lass Li, what you say is totally right! Snow Phoenix Palace had risen from the ground and exhausted Profound Qi and required ten times more than the ancient array that you mentioned! So just based on a spirit gathering array to absorb the Heaven and Earth Profound Qi is apparently not enough hence Lord Zhan had thought of resorting to those unorthodox methods…”

Hearing that, Huang Yueli’s mind suddenly lit up as she slipped out these, “Could it be that the second level of the underground palace where the Blood Moon Great Array, is used for…..”

Bai Liufeng nodded his head and said, “That’s right, the Blood Moon Great Array is used to absorb the practitioner’s Profound Energy and blood essence and it can be turned into an energy to as a driving force for Snow Phoenix Palace! Based on Soaring Heavens Continent’s thin layer of Heaven and Earth Profound Qi now, spirit gathering arrays are not able to absorb much Profound Qi even after operating for several years and moreover the purity of it isn’t high at all.”