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Chapter 2448: Marriage is nearing (1)

Huang Yueli nodded her head and affirmed his point of view, “I also feel the same way, looks like we can only wait till he thinks it through first before we question him in detail!”

Li Moying saw that she appeared extremely worried as he spoke out softly to comfort her, “If we think along the good way, at least today’s incident was still considered as timely, which happened just on the night before we left, so now we will have a reason to stay behind. Otherwise if we had already left, then we wouldn’t know anything at all!”

Huang Yueli knew what he meant and immediately said, “What you say is right. Tomorrow, let’s ask your father about this clearly!”

“Yes, tomorrow morning’s matter, let’s talk about it tomorrow. Now… I’ll accompany you back to your room first, and I’ll accompany you for a good rest…”

Li Moying held up Huang Yueli’s little hand and brought her back to her room.

Cang Po Hun saw him getting up and about to leave when he called out hastily, “Sovereign, wait…..”

However, Li Moying merely threw a faint glance at him but did not stop and it didn’t take long for them to step out of the room.

Cang Po Hun’s brows were creased, apparently extremely anxious.

Liu Buyan was looking at him from the side as he butted in, “Guardian Hun, what’s wrong with you? Could it be that there’s something that you want to say but forgot to just now?”

“Sigh, Divine Doctor Liu, there’s something that you don’t know!” Cang Po Hun was a little hesitant but thinking over it, he still said it out, “We’ve left Blue Profound Sect for close to three months and it’s been such a long time, but we don’t know the situation in the Sect! You must know that Sovereign had left the Sect for sixteen years and the current Blue Profound Sect is no longer the same. Neither is it an iron plate so without Sovereign to subdue the stage, I’m simply a little…. worried.”

Liu Buyan took a while and frowned, “I’ve said this long ago, Li Moying, this kind of man who’s being dragged down by having a family to feed only makes one worried. Unlike me who’s alone, I can go wherever I want to and need not worry about all these… but Guardian Hun, you need not worry too much. After all, hasn’t Guardian Jun already gone back to Blue Profound Sect? With him around, there should be no problem.”

However, Cang Po Hun still had a worried frown on his face.

Liu Buyan could tell that he had unfinished words but it wasn’t nice to interfere with another Sect’s internal affairs so he didn’t ask too much.

Whereas on the other side, Huang Yueli and Li Moying returned to the room and were still pondering over the matter which happened today.

She had many different guesses on her mind but no matter how she analysed, she was still lacking the crucial evidence and if Bai Liufeng refused to open his mouth, she would not be able to confirm the truth.

Li Moying poured her a cup of tea and she subconsciously received it but when she brought it to her lips, she didn’t drink it.

Li Moying saw her in a dazed state and couldn’t help but frown as he walked over and took away the cup in her hands.

Huang Yueli then realised what had happened as she gave a soft “ah” and raised up her head, “My tea….”

She subconsciously looked towards Li Moying’s side and on one look, she was stunned.

She stared blankly at the agelessly handsome man who raised his raise and his thin lips were slightly pursed as he took a mouthful of hot tea and his slender neck raised up towards the back, tilting to an angle and that posture was so perfectly beautiful that it touched one’s soul.

Immediately following that, Li Moying placed the cup on the table and his hands were placed against the back of the seat as he circled Huang Yueli entirely into his arms.

“Moying, you…..” This posture finally made Huang Yueli feel slightly anxious.

She nudged her butt uneasily.