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Chapter 2444: Return back to Blue Profound Sect (7)

That night, Li Moying went to bed very early and did not jump over the wall to look for Huang Yueli.

Anyway after the both of them left the cave dwelling tomorrow, he would be able to monopolise Li’er so at this moment, it was still better to let the father-daughter duo spend more time with each other, and not agitate his father-in-law…..

Huang Yueli accompanied Bai Liufeng for a couple of drinks and reluctantly returned back to her room to rest.

Not knowing why, she somehow had a bad premonition and her emotions were hard to settle down so she kept flipping around in bed as she finally started to sleep in a daze.

She had just slept not too long later when suddenly, she felt the bed under her starting to sway, moreover the shaking became more and more intense…..

Huang Yueli opened her eyes abruptly, only to discover that this wasn’t a dream!

The entire cave dwelling was shaking non-stop and the roof kept emitting fragmented and uninterrupted pfft pfft sounds. Apparently some icicles on the cave dwelling’s roof were swayed so much that some of it dropped on the roof.

Luckily the rooms and furniture inside the houses were fixed on by an array so although the swaying was very strong, but it did not collapse.

Huang Yueli’s expression changed abruptly and she jumped up from the bed and ran out.

Her first reaction was to run next door, to check on Bai Liufeng’s situation.

However, as she cried out “Father” along the way, she saw the door open wide and there was no one inside, apparently Bai Liufeng had already left.

Huang Yueli’s footsteps took a halt and she immediately turned around to run out of the courtyard.

The transportation array flashed a gold coloured ray and Bai Liufeng’s figure had just vanished right in front of her eyes.

Huang Yueli frowned and was just about to head over to take a look when Li Moying’s mellow and anxious voice rang from behind her back, “Li’er, are you alright?”

Huang Yueli quickly turned around to see Li Moying’s tall figure running towards her.

When he reached her, he opened up his arms and without any explanation, he took Huang Yueli into his embrace and his hands were fidgeting up and down to check and verify that she wasn’t injured.

Huang Yueli saw Liu Buyan and Cang Po Hun running out from her peripheral vision and pushed him away with a slightly awkward manner, “Moying, I’m not injured at all, don’t worry.”

Li Moying heaved a sigh of relief and immediately asked, “Li’er, what happened? Where’s Father-in-law?”

Huang Yueli shook her head, “I don’t know either, earlier I wanted to go ask my father but I only saw him leaving from the transportation array… looks like something has happened on the Northern Ice Fields?” Saying that she paused for a moment and said, “I’m really worried about Father, and I want to go take a look at the situation…..”

Li Moying immediately nodded, “Alright, I’ll accompany you!”

He held Huang Yueli’s hand and was just about to leave when Liu Buyan and Cang Po Hun chased after them.

“We’re going as well! This cave dwelling’s surroundings are set up with complicated arrays so by right even if it was a snowstorm, it should cause such a huge commotion so I wonder what has happened. If I don’t see it for myself, I just can’t be assured.”

“Sovereign, This Subordinate must follow you!”

Huang Yueli nodded, “Alright then let’s go together. Everyone stand closer a bit, I’ll activate the array.”

These few days, Bai Liufeng had already imparted all the knowledge regarding the mechanisms and arrays in the cave dwelling to Huang Yueli.

She hit out some hand gestures and activated the array’s eye, as the transportation array flashed a golden light.

When the group opened their eyes again, they were already outside the cave dwelling.