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Chapter 2443: Return back to Blue Profound Sect (6)

However there wasn’t a sliver of panic on Li Moying’s face at all.

His body swayed slightly and the wind blade brushed past his side and made a hole in the wall behind his back!

And he himself was unscathed.

Li Moying stood up unruffled and replied in an unperturbed manner, “No matter what you say, I will not waver in my decision to marry Li’er. Moreover we will leave for Blue Profound Sect within the next seven days so will Father-in-law please consider this carefully!”

He nodded his head at Bai Liufeng and turned around to leave.

Huang Yueli looked at her father in a cautious and prudent manner and upon discovering that he stood there rooted to the ground in a daze, not knowing if it was because he had gone muddled from the anger, hence she hurriedly slipped away as though her soles were anointed.

“Moying, wait for me!” She chased up to Li Moying and hugged his arm from behind.

Li Moying stopped in his tracks as he stretched out his hand and pinched her fair little face while shaking his head, “You really dare to say anything, see how angry your father is!”

Huang Yueli rolled her eyes at him, “Then how about you? Later on you’re obviously the one who infuriated Father!”

Li Moying replied innocently, “Aren’t I just tagging along with your flow to carry out this? Moreover speaking, I am really genuine in wanting to marry you? Could it be that, you don’t really want to marry me, but just want to befuddle your father? Then I’d be too sad…..”

As he said that, his hand stretched out towards Huang Yueli’s waist and lowering his head, his handsome face leaned towards her as he breathed out gently.

Huang Yueli’s eyes widened as she looked at the handsome countenance in front of her eyes and her heartbeat skipped.

“Don’t talk rubbish!” She managed to react in time and pushed Li Moying’s chest, “Let me go, if Father sees us, he will really beat you up!”

Li Moying’s lips curled and not only did he not loosen his hand, instead he planted a kiss on the sides of her lips.

“Don’t worry, your father will not really beat me to death, at most just beat me a few times… moreover speaking, if he really saw it, perhaps he might just follow us back to Sky Emperor City?”

Speaking of this matter, Huang Yueli’s little face started sinking again, “I feel that this matter is really far from good, I wonder what father thinks? Could it be that… my mother is actually unsafe in Snow Phoenix Palace and that’s why he’s unwilling to leave?”

Li Moying muttered to himself irresolutely, “This.. shouldn’t be right? If your mother is in a life and death crisis, your father would probably have disregarded everything and dashed into Snow Phoenix Palace. Why would he waste these two months with us?”

“That’s true as well…”

Li Moying saw her worried look and all ten of his slender fingers started massaging her forehead, to smooth down the parts which were creased.

“Alright, don’t worry, I’m guessing that your father would most probably not leave with us. By then we’ll just pretend to leave then secretly find a place to hide and follow your father in the dark, to see what he’s exactly up to!”

Huang Yueli nodded, “We only only do that…”

After that, Bai Liufeng considered for several days and asked Huang Yueli and Li Moying to go look for him. He expressed his consent for the both of them to return to Sky Emperor City and at the same time, he gave Huang Yueli a lot of manuscripts and prescriptions.

Huang Yueli was extremely disappointed that he still refused to say out the truth but luckily she had already thought of the next step to take so she accepted all these peacefully.

Bai Liufeng even asked Li Moying over alone, not knowing what he told him.

Everything seemed as though it was already fixed up.

However, no one expected that just on the night before they left, an accidental incident suddenly happened!