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Chapter 2442: Return back to Blue Profound Sect (5)

“Father, I remember when I was very young, you taught me that one must make good our words! I have already promised Moying so how can I go back on my words?” Huang Yueli spoke out a little unhappily.

Bai Liufeng was so angry that his heart and liver were in pain, as he cried out melancholily!

He had really never seen anyone who was not shy in this manner, actually rushing to marry this stinky brat! Ai, his cabbage… no, it’s his little princess, how could she act like this!

“I don’t care if you have agreed or not? Without this Father’s consent, you can forget about marrying anyone casually!” Bai Liufeng threw out his ultimatum to Huang Yueli.

But thinking about it, he was still not at ease as he shot his penetrative gaze towards Li Moying’s face, “Stinky brat, if you dare to lay a hand on my daughter, you should know what’s the consequences right?”

Bai Liufeng’s words were filled with plain threat.

Li Moying retained his calm and composed look as he spoke out gradually, “Father-in-law, forgive me for not being able to comprehend. Why do you not approve of our marriage…”

“Why! Do you even need to ask why?? How old are you and Lass Li? Which practitioner gets married at such a young age? You two have a bright future in front of you and there will still be many changes in future! Those practitioners who got married when they were young would most likely end up in divorce later! Because after there is a disparity between your abilities, you will start to feel that the partner whom you found when you were younger is not suitable!”

Bai Liufeng spilled out all his worries in his heart at one go.

Li Moying said, “What you said is very reasonable, but there’s something that I don’t understand…..”

“What do you not understand?”

“I heard that you and Mother-in-law were acquainted at a very young age, and later on you got married when you were twenty plus years old. So if we go according to your logic, you and Mother-in-law now definitely had…..”

“Had what?? Simply a load of rubbish!!” Bai Liufeng interrupted him exasperatedly, “My feelings towards Siluo will absolutely not change, Heaven and Earth are our witnesses!”

If not for this, it would not be possible for him to stay vigil in the Northern Ice Fields for the past ten over years and till today, he would still try to find means and ways to save Huang Siluo out.

Li Moying nodded his head, “In this way, those couples who got married when they were young should be even more loving, right?”

“That’s of…. cough cough, you can’t say that!”

Bai Liufeng was almost brought to the drains by him as he only realised what he was saying when he started to agree to it.

But in this way, he couldn’t think of anything to rebut them, only insisting that, “Anyway no matter what, I just don’t agree to it!”

This was almost close to acting dumb.

But Bai Liufeng was still pondering on the fact that he was their Senior so even if he acted dumb, they couldn’t possibly do anything to him.

He had not expected Li Moying to open his mouth again, “Father-in-law’s suggestion is something that we will naturally heed, so even if we get married a few years later, it doesn’t matter…..”

Bai Liufeng heaved a sigh but he heard him continue, “But anyway since you’re going to stay in Northern Ice Fields and will not head over to Sky Emperor City, as the saying goes that the skies are tall and the Emperor is distant so even if we get married secretly, you wouldn’t find out about it. After we give birth to an adorable grandchild, even if you don’t agree, you can only…”

“Stinky brat, you’re simply looking for death!” Bai Liufeng’s anger which had just subsided instantly rose up again and it was stuck at his chest.

Not to mention the melancholies that he was feeling!

He patted the table hard and without warning, a bolt of wind blade was swung out towards Li Moying’s chest!

Bai Liufeng acted swiftly and in a blink of an eye, his Profound Energy was right in front of the opponent’s face.