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Chapter 2441: Return back to Blue Profound Sect (4)

Li Moying carried a smile in his eyes when he heard that.

Indeed his little fox, always able to maintain the same wavelength as him at any time.

Since he could no longer put up a pretence to be ill, and they were about to be chased away by Bai Liufeng to Sky Emperor City.

In that way, rather than he and Huang Yueli returning together, why not bring Bai Liufeng along.

In this manner, they would disrupt Bai Liufeng’s original plan and in order to successfully reach his aim, he probably had no choice but to tell them the things which he was concealing!

Bai Liufeng heard their entreaties and started to slightly waver.

As a high ranking Array Master, ,he had always been cultivating alone using Sage Yu Xu’s manuscript and had never interacted with same ranking Array Masters. To have the opportunity like this was a kind of temptation to him.

But very quickly, he shook his head, “No way, I can’t return with you all! Although these arrays are complicated but if I spend a little more time and attempt a few more times, I will definitely still be able to decode it! There’s no need to waste so much effort to run back to Sky Emperor City!”

“But, Father…..” Huang Yueli took a step forward, wanting to continue convincing him.

Whoever knew, Bai Liufeng’s topic took a change, “Right, speaking of this, the few of you have stayed at my side for quite some time, around two months already isn’t it! I can see that Young Sect Master Li’s illness should more or less have recuperated with a recent improvement in cultivation so you should be fine now. Since that is so, you all should start making preparations and set off to Sky Emperor City within these few days!”

Huang Yueli blinked and looked at Li Moying in dismay.

Her father was really not to be trifled with, not only did he not duped, he even opened his mouth to chase them away!

Huang Yueli quickly leaned next to him and held onto his arm while swaying it around, “Father, why are you chasing your daughter away! How can you bear to! Moreover, aren’t you worried about me leaving with Moying? After I go to Sky Emperor City with him, whatever happens between us, you’re not going to care any longer?”

Bai Liufeng’s brows twitched, as he apparently felt an extreme heartache!

He had to offer his lively cabbage to this pig, heart shattering pain!

But he clenched his teeth, “No matter, just go back with him. Father cannot delay your cultivation. Don’t worry, if stinky brat dares to bully you, next time when Father goes to Sky Emperor City, I will absolutely skin him alive!”

Huang Yueli was slightly surprised by Bai Liufeng’s strong determination.

Her eyeballs turned and she said, “Father, are you really certain that you want me to go back with Moying? Before I came, I had already promised Moying that after he is cured, we will return to Blue Profound Sect and get married immediately!”

Bai Liufeng’s hands shook as the scroll on the table was swept onto the floor by him.

“You.. what did you say?? Say it once more??”

Huang Yueli blinked her large eyes and said in an extremely innocent manner, “I am getting married to Moying! We have been engaged for two years plus for now and originally we agreed that we will get married once I have reached the marriageable age but as Moying’s Soul Detachment Illness was getting more and more serious, he proposed to get cured first before getting married, so that he would not hold me up. Now that his illness is finally better, we can finally…..”

“No way, I don’t allow it!” Bai Liufeng couldn’t bear to continue listening as he banged onto the table and interrupted her.

The minute he was agitated, his ninth stage realm peak practitioner’s aura was unleashed as his might was astounding.

But Huang Yueli was totally not terrified by him, as she had a calm expression on his face.