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Chapter 2429: The past from over a decade ago (10)

“Suddenly one day, I saw a group of black robed men, transporting a group of detained practitioners appearing on the Ice Fields…..”

Bai Liufeng was recounting the scenario back then, “The leader of the black robed men was wearing an evil ghost mask and his figure and aura was the same as what I met back then so I was able to recognise him immediately. But I didn’t rush out to take action because that group of detained practitioners which they were escorting, their identities were simply out of my expectations! From their dressing, these people were actually disciples from the Seven Sacred Lands and moreover, each of them had extraordinary abilities, and they were at least seventh stage realm top exponents!”

When Huang Yuei heard that, she let out, “These should be those sacrificial lambs who are trapped in the Blood Moon Great Array, whose Profound Energy and blood essence are being sucked out?”

Bai Liufeng nodded his head, “Exactly so! But back then I didn’t know about all these, only feeling that this scene was just too strange. So many high level practitioners had all landed into Lord Zhan’s hands so it was imaginable that the forces behind him were extremely powerful whereas I am alone with a cultivation of the eight stage realm only so what can I use to go up against him? I could only execute with care. Luckily I had been a mercenary when I was in South Sky Region and had specially learnt a heaven grade body movement Profound Skill and using that I was able to conceal myself scarcely. I secretly followed them to Lone Sky Summit, saw them opening up an underground palace after triggering a mechanism and they walked right into it…..”

Huang Yueli blinked and asked, “So that’s why! That should be the Snow Phoenix Palace! Then Father, did you also enter after that?”

Bai Liufeng shook his head, “I was still prudent back then, wouldn’t I be sending myself to my death if I entered in directly? So I was hiding nearby in Lone Sky Summit and after observing for several months, I discovered that the underground palace often had practitioners entering and leaving, and most of them were ninth stage realm top exponents. Besides that, every two months, they would kidnap a bunch of practitioners to the Northern Ice Fields and sometimes Lord Zhan would lead the team personally whereas at other times, someone else would lead the team. As for those practitioners who were caught, they were all seventh stage realm and above!”

Huang Yueli was secretly feeling alarmed and at the same time, ever since her rebirth, the questions which had shrouded her mind finally had an answer to it.

Ever since she regained her past life’s memories, she discovered that there were apparently much lesser high levelled practitioners in Soaring Heavens Continent as compared to twenty years ago.

Especially those younger high levelled practitioners.

In the past in Sky Emperor City, there were plenty of seventh stage realm practitioners under forty years old, and the talented practitioners in various powerhouses were plentiful.

But now it was much worse. Even for the Number One Sacred Lands Blue Profound Sect, among the younger disciples, there were much lesser people who had broken through to the seventh stage realm.

Li Moying couldn’t help but open his mouth, “According to Father-in-law’s saying, there would be a fresh new batch of practitioners who are sent in every two months and one year there would be six batches. So ten over years had passed so there would be at least a few hundred people?”

Bai Liufeng nodded his head, “That’s right, initially I didn’t know why Lord Zhan had captured them for, only discovering the Blood Moon Great Array’s secret later on. Now there are only a few hundred practitioners being trapped in the array. Those remaining people whose blood essence and Profound Energy had been sucked dry, had their spiritual roots sucked away by those Demonic Soul Red Scorpions would all turn into blood water in the blood pool!”

Huang Yueli’s lips twitched as she recollected the fact that she had once been soaked in that blood pool and her body instantly felt uncomfortable.

Luckily Bai Liufeng didn’t continue on this question and headed back to the main question.

“Anyway, I’ve finally found a regulated pattern and once when Lord Zhan was out, I secretly infiltrated the Snow Phoenix Palace.”