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Chapter 2428: The past from over a decade ago (9)

When Huang Yueli and Li Moying heard this, their faces revealed a shocked expression as they exchanged glances.

There was a ninety nine percent chance that this evil ghost masked man was Lord Zhan!

The only thing was that the both of them had not thought that this man actually went over to South Yue Kingdom and even interacted with the Bai Liufeng couple.

Thinking of the scenario back then, Bai Liufeng’s expression went a little stiff and he paused before continuing to speak.

“I dashed up immediately wanting to save your mother but your mother’s expression was so badly terrified on seeing me, asking me to quickly escape. Back then I was already able to tell that the ghost masked man’s ability was shocking and he was a super exponent whom I have no way of winning. But how could I possibly abandon her and leave on my own? Hence that man struck out towards me!”

“At that time, my cultivation was only at the seventh stage realm whereas the other party was a ninth stage realm exponent and just one move and he would be able to kill me. It was your mother who threw herself in front of me to block it, without regarding her own safety before I luckily managed to save my own life. When I regained consciousness, your mother and that ghost masked man had already gone missing whereas for me, I was saved by the Golden Scaled Guards who were patrolling the outskirts where I had fainted, and they sent me back to Valiant Martial Manor.”

“Later on, I tried means and ways to find out who was the man who brought your mother away but there were no leads at all. You grew up day after day and looked more and more alike to your mother, moreover you were so intelligent and adorable and that somehow eased the pain in my heart. But I still hadn’t given up, as I had been looking up on your mother’s whereabouts.”

“When you were three years old, a friend came by to South Yue Kingdom and paid me a visit and he incidentally mentioned that some days ago when he was on experience learning in the freezing zone in Northern Ice Fields, he met with a ghost masked man with unfathomable ability there. From his description, he sounded exactly like the man whom your mother left with that year!”

“I finally managed to find a clue after so many years so back then I immediately decided to head over to Northern Ice Fields immediately!”

Speaking to this point, Bai Liufeng stopped again.

Huang Yueli was anxious as she pressed on, “What happened later on? Father? After you came to Northern Ice Fields, what happened? Based on your ability back then, it was impossible to win Lord Zhan and save Mother, right!”

Bai Liufeng basically had deduced all these earlier when Bai Liufeng was saying this.

What really made her unable to guess was what happened to Bai Liufeng after he left South Yue Kingdom.

Whoever knew that after Bai Liufeng said to this point, he just stopped again!

Bai Liufeng swept her a glance and didn’t continue, seemingly thinking of how he should continue from here.

Huang Yueli had been observing his expression when she suddenly spoke out, “Father, you promised to tell me the whole truth so don’t you regret it!”

Bai Liufeng was stunned as his face blushed red!

This lass, had exposed his thoughts once again! If he knew, he shouldn’t have given her such intelligence!

Bai Liufeng coughed and said, “Cough cough, why would I? What kind of person is your father? How could I possibly regret the matters that I’ve promised you?”

Following Huang Yueli’s not very trusting gaze, he swiftly rearranged his thoughts and continued, “Anyway, I have first entrusted you to your Second Uncle and said that I’m going on experience learning then left South Yue Kingdom and entered Northern Ice Fields.”

“When I first reached the Northern Ice Fields, I was not familiar with the situation here and I had not been able to find Lord Zhan’s whereabouts for a very long period of time. I loitered around the freezing zone for more than a year and thought that my friend had seen wrongly and was just prepared to leave…”