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Chapter 2427: The past from over a decade ago (8)

“Father originally didn’t want to tell you because I’m afraid that you will be worried but since you’ve already guessed everything, then I… have no need to hide it from you anymore.”

“Bai Liufeng leaned back against the back of the chair as his eyes were half shut, seemingly thinking about something.

Huang Yueli sat beside Li Moying as she felt this man’s silent support and her heart felt

at ease, as she peacefully waited for Bai Liufeng to open his mouth.

After a while later, Bai Liufeng said, “Actually, this matter isn’t complicated. You should have seen the letter that Father left behind in Valiant Martial Manor right? Your mother is a member of the Sacred Phoenix Race and because her innate talent was extremely high, she had always been holding a special position in the clan. For a clansman like her who had noble bloodline and with outstanding innate talent, according to Sacred Phoenix Race’s regulations, they must be paired with the clan’s geniuses. However, your mother fell in love at first sight with your father, me, when she went out on an experience learning trip…..”

“She didn’t tell me the truth but chose to head back to South Yue Kingdom with me secretly, and we got married officially. After we got married not too long later, your mother was pregnant and nine months later, you were born and you were especially cute and adorable. Although I couldn’t sense your spiritual root, but your mother said that you have inherited her innate talent and will definitely be a peerless genius in future! That was the moment when I felt the most fortunate in my entire life…..”

Bai Liufeng started off slowly as he recalled the beauty whom he travelled along to various

major mystic regions as his eyes revealed a tender expression.

Although he was Huang Yueli’s father and his status wasn’t low, but to a practitioner, Bai Liufeng was still extremely young.

This kind of gentle and peaceful look, paired with that extraordinary good looking face, made Huang Yueli deeply understand why her mother had chosen to elope with her father.

Bai Liufeng paused for a rather long period of time and Huang Yueli couldn’t bear to interrupt his reminiscing.

However, Li Moying acted like a wet blanket as he butted in, “What happened after that?”

The Father-daughter duo turned back and stared at him.

Li Moying shrugged and said, “I’m only worried about Father-in-law recollecting his memories and later on he will ‘forget’ about the official matter again!”

Bai Liufeng’s face stiffened. Earlier he had indeed wanted to lead the topic astray but after being said by Li Moying in such a way, how would he possibly still have the face to play such trickery in front of his juniors?

He could only cough out and said, “What rubbish are you saying? Am I that kind of person?”

He thought over it and said, “Anyway, joy had gushed through my head back then and I totally didn’t notice that ever since you were born, your mother’s face had often expressed a worrying look and would even wake up in shock at night often. I thought that this was the after effects of giving birth so I only thought about accompanying her well, not expecting that what she was worried about was something that was more terrifying!”

“On your hundredth day, our entire family were originally very happy and wanted to celebrate it for you. Whoever knew that your mother and you had not appeared for a long time…. I was very worried and quickly ran back into the room to have a look only to discover that your mother had gone missing, whereas you were wrapped up in the swaddling clothes and there was a letter placed beside you. The letter’s explained that she had met with her foes who came to pursue after her and she was afraid of implicating us hence she left. She asked me not to look for her, and to raise you up properly…”

“Of course I couldn’t possibly allow her to leave and I started searching for her in the entire Capital. I searched for an entire three days and three nights before I finally saw her together with an evil ghost masked man in the outskirts of the city!”