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Chapter 2426: The past from over a decade ago (7)

Huang Yueli blinked her eyes and said, “Father, this… how do you want me to explain to you? Anyway, I already know how to and have already mastered it, isn’t it? How do you want me to explain?”

When Bai Liufeng heard her, it was indeed because of this reason!

To a genius with extremely high power of comprehension, mastering a set of cultivation method was akin to water forming at a canal naturally. This was a process which happened naturally so there is simply no way to describe it clearly with mere words.

After some time, he heaved and sighed with emotions, “Indeed my Lass Li! Your innate talent has even surpassed your mother! If Siluo finds out that our daughter is so intelligent, she will probably be like me, so happy that she’s just short of fainting!”

When Huang Yueli heard that, she immediately asked, “Siluo? This name is really nice! Is that my Mother’s name?”

Bai Liufeng was stunned, totally not expecting her to switch the topic to this but he still nodded his head, “That’s right, it’s not only your mother’s name that’s beautiful, she’s even prettier and you look exactly like her, innate talent is also as outstanding as her…..”

As he spoke, Bai Liufeng’s gaze turned slightly dazed as he had apparently fallen back into reminiscing.

Huang Yueli turned her head and secretly exchanged a gaze with Li Moying as she asked, “Father, my mother’s name is Siluo, then what’s her surname?”

“Her surname is…..” Bai Liufeng was just about to answer, following her question when suddenly, he paused.

“Why are you asking you this for?”

Huang Yueli said, “I don’t even know what my mother’s surname is, why can’t I ask?”

“This…..” Bai Liufeng was stumped, apparently realising that what she said wasn’t reasonable at all.

But he didn’t want to tell Huang Yueli these things….

Just as Bai Liufeng was hesitant, Huang Yueli opened her mouth again, “Father, don’t hide it from me. Actually, you have always been in the Northern Ice Fields for the past ten over years right?”

“This…. Another question was thrown over and Bai Liufeng found it harder and harder to answer.

However, Huang Yueli totally didn’t had any intention to wait for his reply as she continued to speak, “You can travel freely around in the Blood Moon Great Array so it’s imaginable that you have been lying in wait for a very long time, to even have such profound understanding of the topography in Snow Phoenix Palace. Whereas you staying here, not even caring about your biological daughter, for an entire period of ten over years, there should only be one reason — you are doing this for my Mother!”

Bai Liufeng’s hand shook and hit the wine cup on the table.

The sparkling and translucent aromatic wine spilled and dripped down along the corner of the table, as it dripped onto his pants.

“Lass Li, you… how could you possibly….”

Huang Yueli replied calmly but firmly, “Father, you want to ask me how I know? Actually, these matters are apparently easy to see, you just need to think carefully and you’ll be able to understand. Moreover, I can also deduce that my Mother should be a member of the Snow Phoenix Palace, so Father is so restrained that he refused to say a word on her name! Snow Phoenix Palace was originally one of ancient God Realm’s Sacred Phoenix Palace’s historical remains and from this, Mother should be from the Sacred Phoenix Race? Is her surname Huang?”

Bai Liufeng’s astonishment increased with every single sentence that Huang Yueli said!

It was until Huang Yueli finished speaking when Bai Liufeng’s astonishment had gone to the extreme but he instead calmed down.

He heaved a deep sigh while looking at Huang Yeuli and shook her head, “Lass Li, Father really hadn’t imagined that you’re so intelligent to such a stage!”