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Chapter 2412: Difficulty in settling father-in-law (5)

At the door stood two figures and it was Bai Liufeng and Liu Buyuan.

Seeing them, Huang Yueli and Li Moying were stunned, apparently not expecting Bai Liufeng to have left and returned, and he even brought Liu Buyan along!

On the other end, when Bai Liufeng saw these two juniors’ postures, his face turned white from anger as he immediately barked out, “Stinky brat, what are you trying to do to my Lass Li? Quickly let her go!”

He had just left for how long and this stinky brat actually abducted Lass Li onto the bed!

If he hadn’t arrived timely, heavens knew what they would have done?

When Huang Yueli saw Bai Liufeng, she was extremely embarrassed because no matter what, she had not imagined that she would let her father see such a scenario.

Although both of them had really not done any improper things, but it was still embarrassing!

Under the pressing situation, Huang Yueli pushed Li Moying hard and she even used Profound Energy in it.

Li Moying was pushed to the side of the bed and had finally managed to stabilize himself but his hand loosened and Huang Yueli jumped off the bed.

She bit her lips, not quite daring to look at Bai Liufeng’s expression, “Cough cough, Father…. That… haven’t you already gone off to rest? Why have you come back again?”

Bai Liufeng gave a cold snort, “If I haven’t returned, I still wouldn’t know that the person who said a few words earlier and almost fainted from deficiency of qi had actually woken up so quickly, and moreover still able to pull you onto the bed!”

“Cough cough cough cough…..” Huang Yueli choked on her saliva and she couldn’t stop coughing.

Her father was indeed smart, had he discovered that Li Moying had pretended to faint hence he put on an act to show that he had left but in actual fact, he took a sudden trust just to wait and expose the both of them?

This time was really a goner, they were caught red-handed in bed, how was she going to wrap things up?

Huang Yueli was feeling apprehensive but Li Moying remained calm and composed as he climbed up from the bed and tidied up his long robe before cupping his hand in greeting towards Bai Liufeng.

“Father-in-law, thank you for being so concerned about this son-in-law, to actually come by to see me for a second time, it has simply delighted This son-in-law…”

He originally was handsome and ageless and his old-fashioned obeisance of ceremony rites was refined so even if the clothes that he wore was very ordinary, it was still unable to hide his glamour.

Bai Liufeng took a horizontal look at him and there was no way that he could not admit that Li Moying indeed looked talented and attractive,

But just based on the fact that he dared to get touchy with his Li’er, that proved that he was definitely a playboy and was unreliable!

Bai Liufeng roughly pasted a label on this stinky brat and later on became rather proud of himself that he had caught a handle on that fellow, so just wait to cancel the marriage arrangement!

He spoke out unfriendly, “Li Moying, I haven’t agreed to your marriage so if you continue to call out randomly, don’t blame me for being discourteous!”

Li Moying looked at Huang Yueli who was hinting at him with her eyes and could only nod his head as he readily followed good advice, “Alright then, since fath… no, Senior Bai has said that, this junor does not dare to not follow!”

Bai Liufeng saw that he was still rather tactful and heaved a sigh of relief but on turning his head around, he saw his own daughter exchanging gazes with him non-stop.

Whereas these two’s mutual understanding was very well coordinated. They used their eyes to convey messages and there weren’t any delays at all.

Bai Liufeng coughed heavily, “Lass Li!”

Huang Yueli still hadn’t noticed him so Bai Liufeng could only increase his volume, “Lass Li!”