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Chapter 2410: Difficulty in settling father-in-law (3)

Li Moying was speaking halfway when he subconsciously pursed his lips as he swallowed half of the sentence that he was saying.

Because he recalled that little fox had warned him earlier, not to say anything inauspicious related to “death”!

He hastily changed his words, “So to speak, after father-in-law saved us, he brought us to this place? Where is this place?”

Even though Huang Yueli warned him once and again, but Li Moying apparently still hadn’t kept it in his heart, still calling out “father-in-law” delightfully.

Huang Yueli was listening and she was too lazy to correct him.

Anyway, sooner or later he had to start greeting this so it was better to get accustomed to it earlier, as long as Li Moying himself wasn’t afraid of Bai Liufeng fixing him up! It had nothing to do with her!

She smiled and said, “This should be a cave dwelling near Lone Sky Summit and this is the internal part of a block of ice mountain. Lord Zhan doesn’t know of the existence of this cave so father had been hiding here in seclusion for several years. The minute we reached the cave, Senior Brother immediately went to refine the Purified Pill while Father, Senior Brother, Guardian Jun and Guardian Hun worked together to help you stabilise your primordial spirit. But after the treatment, you remained unconscious for a month’s time and just woke up.”

Li Moying asked in surprise, “In that case, I’ve already been unconscious for over a month??”

Huang Yueli nodded her head.

He frowned slightly, finally understanding why his body was sore to such a point!

No matter who it was, lying on the bed for an entire month would definitely feel uncomfortable everywhere.

Li Moying suddenly recalled something as he looked at Huang Yueli again, “Right, then Father-in-law had always been in the Northern Ice Fields for the past ten over years? What is he doing here? Why hadn’t he been back to South Yue Kingdom to look for you? And why did he suddenly appear in Snow Phoenix Palace?”

Huang Yueli kept away her smile when she heard his question and shook her head, “I’ve been trying to probe Father on this some time ago but he always diverted away from the topic, refusing to say much on it. I placed all my emphasis on your illness back then and didn’t continue asking him…”

Li Moying nodded his head and following that, his face surfaced with an ambiguous smile.

At the same time, his hand secretly snuck under the blanket and while Huang Yueli was caught off guard, he locked onto her wrist and pulled her backwards—

Huang Yueli wasn’t prepared and fell forward from his pull, falling nicely onto his chest!

Although he had laid down for an entire month in a frail state, but with the nourishment of Spirit Saint Spring Water and the revolving Profound Energy in his body, Li Moying’s muscular lines on his body were still beautifully retained.

Huang Yueli banged against his chest and even her nose turned red from it.

“Hey! You… what are you doing?”

She pushed herself against the man’s chest wanting to sit up, but however, Li Moying clasped onto her waist, as her arms were tightly wound around her, refusing to loosen his grip.

He lowered his head and his warm breath sprayed against her sensitive ear, “Li’er, it’s been tiring for you in the past few days! I know that I’m the most important to you in your heart, hence you placed all your emphasis onto me, am I right?”

This posture was just too ambiguous and what Li Moying said was just too ambiguous as well.

All she could see was the man’s exposed chest from his opened lapel and the ringing by her ear was his sexy and deep man’s voice.

Huang Yueli felt a slight scorch on her face and pursed her lips as she couldn’t help but speak out from the bottom of her heart, “You… that’s enough! My father doesn’t agree for me to marry you, so don’t think too much!”