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Chapter 2409: Difficulty in settling father-in-law (2)

“Li’er don’t be worried, I know what I should do.” Li Moying looked straight into Huang Yueli’s eyes as he spoke out slowly and firmly.

This lifetime, it was because of Huang Yueli’s hard work which allowed him to continue living so for the rest of his life, he would only live to protect his little fox!

Huang Yueli didn’t know what he was thinking in his heart, but seeing that his attitude was still conforming so she nodded her head in slight satisfaction.

She lifted her chin and spoke in a tsundere tone, “It’s good that you know, now just lie down obediently and I’ll help you take your pulse to see how your recovery is.”

Li Moying didn’t have any objections and quickly laid down flat on the bed.

Huang Yueli placed her fingers on his wrist and congealed her senses for a moment, her expression was evidently relaxed.

“Still alright, like what Senior Brother said, your primordial spirit’s recovery isn’t too bad and those injuries that you’ve sustained in your internal organs and meridians while crossing hands with Lord Zhan have all recovered back to normal…..”

Li Moying smiled and said, “I know my own body best. Other than the soreness in my entire body from lying down too long, there shouldn’t be any other ailments!”

When Huang Yueli saw his relaxed look, she started feeling unpleasant and said, “Even if you’ve recovered well, you cannot just fight the minute you regain consciousness, you really don’t want your life! Moreover, haven’t you checked what kind of cultivation my father has? His potential is no different from Lord Zhan and you actually didn’t even think about it and just attacked him!”

Li Moying put on an innocent look as he cried out in grievance, “This, isn’t it because…. I absolutely had no idea who he was? I thought he was seizing you! If I knew that he was Father-in-law, how would I dare to even strike him? I’m not silly, eh?”

When she heard the term “Father-in-law”, Huang Yueli’s face surfaced a faint shade of red as she spoke out in ridicule, “We haven’t even got married officially so don’t call out randomly. Haven’t you seen that my father’s face had already turned green? He is already not seeing eye to eye with you since long ago, wanting me to cancel the marriage arrangement with you and you still dare to attack him, and even provoked him!”

Li Moying’s brows rose up in dissatisfaction, “What do you mean? Why does your father not see eye to eye with me?”

Before Huang Yueli could answer, he asked again, “Right, I haven’t asked you. After I lost consciousness, what exactly happened? How did you meet with your father?”

“About this… that day we were in a precarious situation and luckily my father suddenly appeared and saved us!” Huang Yueli’s brows creased when she recounted the situation back then.

She was sitting in front of Li Moying’s bed and explained in detail how everyone was stumped by Lord Zhan’s scheme and was trapped in the Blood Moon Great Array. Later on the process of being saved by Bai Liufeng was narrated in detail to him.

Following her description, Li Moying was first astonished and later on he was terrified and right until he heard that they were saved, it was then when he finally heaved a sigh of relief.

But the expression on his face was much graver.

After Li Moying crossed hands with Lord Zhan in the secret room, his Soul Detachment Illness acted up and he lost consciousness.

At that time, when Liu Buyan and the others had joined hands to suppress and injure Lord Zhan, whereas Huang Yueli was about to succeed in activating the mechanism.

So at that time he thought everyone was able to escape from the Snow Phoenix Palace easily but they had totally not expected so many things to happen after that. Huang Yueli and the others even fell into such a dangerous array, with everyone almost losing their lives!

“In this way, I really ought to thank Father-in-law properly! If it wasn’t for him, we would probably….” once become another pair of lonely souls who died together in the name of love!