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Chapter 2395: Li Moying regains consciousness (5)

Cang Po Jun didn’t object and nodded his head as he immediately turned around to leave.

But Huang Yueli seemed to have thought of something as she called out to him, “Guardian Jun, wait a minute!”

She looked towards Liu Buyan and her brows carried a few hints of worry, “Senior Brother, you haven’t had much rest for the past few days and just managed to refine the medicinal pill but now you’re going to use Profound Energy to help Moying fuse the medicinal effect? Your body will not be able to take it! Why not, you rest for the night and tomorrow then we’ll treat Moying? I don’t wish that after Moying regains consciousness, you will fall instead…”

Liu Buyan shook his head and said, “Rest for a night? Then won’t you have to live with the fear for one more night? Since the medicinal pill is already refined, let’s strike the iron while it’s hot and treat Li Moying earlier, so that you can rest your heart.”

For a moment, Huang Yueli couldn’t say a single word as she could only look gratefully at Liu Buyan.

To tell the truth, just two months ago when Liu Buyan abducted her, and even used the knockout drug to seal her memories, Huang Yueli really hated him very much back then.

But now, she was filled with gratitude towards Liu Buyan…..

This man… he was simply outstanding. Although he had once struggled, hesitated, but at last, he still chose to sacrifice himself, to grant other people happiness….

Right until now, he was still considering it on her behalf, not bearing for her to worry for an extra night.

Liu Buyan saw her not talking and a hint of impish smile surfaced on his lips, “Why? Too moved? Decided to abandon Li Moying and give your heart to me instead?”

Huang Yueli’s feeling vanished in an instant and she rolled her eyes at him, “Fat hope!”

Liu Buyan lazily waved his hand, “Hurry, go invite Marquis Bai and then let’s all gather in Li Moying’s room. I must show all of you how incredible this Continent’s Number One Divine Doctor’s medical skills are!”

Cang Po Jun hurriedly headed over to Bai Liufeng’s courtyard and invited him over.

When Bai Liufeng heard that it was to help treat Li Moying, he agreed readily.

Although he wasn’t quite ready to marry his daughter to this stinky brat, but he didn’t intend to hurt him, after all this stinky brat seemed to really have saved Lass Li’s life before this.

When Bai Liufeng arrived, Huang Yeli, Liu Buyan and Cang Po Hun were already waiting in the room.

Liu Buyan’s complexion was still a little greyish and he had eaten quite a number of high levelled medicinal pills to replenish his Profound Energy as he had been sitting on a soft mattress in the corner, while shutting his eyes to rest while cultivating.

When he heard Bai Liufeng and Cang Po Jun’s footsteps, he opened his eyes and said, “Everyone’s here, let’s start!”

Saying that, he walked to the side of the bed and indicated to Huang Yueli to help prop up Li Moying, placing him in a cross-legged standard posture then asking everyone to surround Li Moying while sitting down according to the four directions North, South, East and West.

“Later on, after Li Moying takes the Purified Pill, roughly around ten over breaths over, the medicinal effect will enter his meridians. When I say start, the few of you just follow what I said earlier, to inject Profound Energy into his body in succession to help him absorb the medicinal effect. Otherwise the Purified Pill’s medicinal effect might be overly strong and based on the current intensity of his primordial spirit now, he would not be able to take it….”

Saying that, he looked towards Huang Yueli, Junior Sister, now I must help Li Moying opened up his meridians and in this way, I will not be able to do acupuncture for him so later on, you will be doing the golden needle acupuncture for him alone. This mission, originally I wanted to pass to Master to complete, but alas he is currently far away in Sky Emperor City, so I can only depend on you!”