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Chapter 2394: Li Moying regains consciousness (4)

Bai Liufeng could only wish that Liu Buyan would quickly refine the Purified Pill sooner, to cure this sickly stinky brat.

In this way, stinky brat had no reason to continue monopolizing his daughter!

Bai Liufeng had wishful thoughts and moreover, this day also came quickly.

Originally Liu Buyan estimated that he needed five days to refine the Purified Pill.

But in actual fact, on the fourth day’s afternoon, the small courtyard room which was Liu Buyan’s temporary pill refining room was suddenly opened with a blast.

The sound of the door opening shook everyone!

Even Huang Yueli also temporarily left Li Moying who was lying in bed, to run out and have a look.

Behind the courtyard door reflected Liu Buyan’s figure but the only thing was as compared to his usual distinguished and accomplished casual and unruly image, the current him appeared much more dishevelled by multiple times. He didn’t look much better than a beggar and there were multiple scorched marks on his clothes, and his face was even smeared with the dregs of medicine.

Huang Yueli excitedly rushed over as she held on to his tottering body as she asked urgently, “Senior Brother, is the medication refined already? Is it successful?”

Liu Buyan nodded his head and pointed to the pill refining furnace behind him, “It’s still in the pill furnace and I’ve not taken it out yet! The medicinal effect of this pill is lost very quickly and the minute we take it out, we have to let Li Moying eat it immediately!”

When Huang Yueli heard that, she immediately threw him aside and ran towards the pill refining furnace.

Liu Buyan was pushed aside by her without any warning and almost stumbled onto the ground and if it wasn’t for Cang Po Hun who supported him by the side, he would have made a fool of himself!

Seeing that Huang Yueli didn’t even turn her head, Liu Buyan’s lips twitched, “What the, she only has Li Moying inside her heart? Her Senior Brother I, had tirelessly helped her refine the pill, yet I totally could not even earn half of the treatment how she treats that fellow?”

Cang Po Jun sniggered silently, “Divine Doctor Liu, be resigned to it! What’s a Senior Brother like you considered as? These few days, even Grandmaster Huang’s biological father was almost drowned in vinegar!”

Huang Yueli carefully opened the lid of the pill refining furnace and at the bottom of the furnace laid a dark green pill which resembled a jadeite quietly.

This pill was only the size of a thumb and moreover there was only one piece. As compared to the usual times when they refined medicinal pills, there would readily be eight or ten pieces of pills and this was a totally different scenario.

It was exactly because of this, which reflected the value and difficulty of refining this kind of pill.

Huang Yueli took out a jade box from the Sky Phoenix Ring, which was used specially to store pills, and placed the Purified Pill in it.

Later on, she hurriedly ran back beside Liu Buyan and urged him, “Senior Brother, what are you waiting for? Let’s hurry back and let Moying take this pill! I can tell from these past few days that his body is obviously becoming frailer and frailer… I’m really worried…”

Liu Buyan was originally feeling imbalanced and a little sour but on seeing this, as Huang Yueli was saying these, her tears seemed as though it was about to roll out and he immediately raised both his hands to surrender.

“Junior Sister, don’t worry! As long as Moying’s pulse is normal, he will definitely wake up after he takes the pill!”

Saying that, he turned towards Cang Po Jun, “Guardian Jun, can I trouble you to go invite Marquis Bai here. Earlier I said before that in order to treat the Soul Detachment illness, it doesn’t just mean to take the Purified Pill. We also need four ninth stage realm peak top exponents and use our Profound Energy to help Li Moying fuse the medicinal effect, to restore his primordial spirit completely. Earlier I was still a little worried that there are only three of us here which is hard to handle. But now since Marquis Bai is here, that’s just nice!”