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Chapter 2393: Li Moying regains consciousness (3)

At the same time, she coaxed him softly, “I’m not dead, Moying! See, am I not right here all well? I’m right here accompanying you…..”

However, Li Moying merely quietened down for a few seconds under her hands and started to wrench around in pain once again.

Huang Yueli silently sighed as she lowered her head and planted her pink lips onto Li Moying’s bloodless thin lips.

The original pair of icy cold thin lips, under Huang Yueli’s warming up, slowly gained some temperature and the young lady’s sweet breath lingered around his nostrils.

Slowly, Li Moying started to quieten down.

Huang Yueli then rose up her head as she sighed softly, placing Li Moying once again back on the pillow and covered him with the blanket then sat back on the bedhead to look at that handsome yet pale face.

Even though they had experienced a great deal of dangers and finally obtained the Bipolar Black Orchid. Moreover Liu Buyan had already started to refine the Purified Pill.

But she was still unable to set herself at ease totally.

After waiting for such a long time, her heart had been suspended for such a long time that it already had no way to face all these calmly…..

This was the last chance and she hoped that everything would go smoothly. Li Moying had already suffered so much for her so she only wished that heaven would stop playing tricks on the both of them.

“Knock knock knock!” A knocking sound was heard.

Huang Yueli was stunned momentarily, “Enter.”

Cang Po Jun walked in and bowed, “Grandmaster Huang, is Sovereign alright now? Do you want to rest?”

Huang Yueli frowned slightly and shook her head, “I’d better stay here and accompany Moying. Earlier I just left for such a short while and his illness acted up again, how can I be assured! Guardian Jun, can I trouble you to tell my father… right, where’s my father?”

Speaking to this point, she then remembered Bai Liufeng.

Earlier she was having her meal with Bai Liufeng and was called away by Cang Po Hun in the middle of it!

By right, Bai Liufeng should have followed over angrily! Why was it that he was missing now?

Cang Po Jun lowered his head and said, “Grandmaster Huang, earlier when you came in , Marquis Bai followed in as well but you didn’t notice it! But he just left again.”

“I see…” Huang Yueli first nodded her head then her thoughts raced and took a turn, somehow feeling something was amiss.

Earlier when she stepped in, in order to control Li Moying’s nightmare, she even initiated the kiss…

If Bia Liufeng was following her all the while, didn’t that mean that he already saw it all? Based on his protective nature as her father, he actually wasn’t angry?

This… was simply fascinating?

Seeing Huang Yueli’s slightly awkward expression, Cang Po Jun somehow understood what was going on and continued, “Earlier Marquis Bai was indeed rather angry but he seemed to have heard Sovereign calling your name continuously, asking you not to leave him…..”

“Ah…..” Huang Yueli then understood what was going on.

Looked like Bai Liufeng had more or less sensed Li Moying’s genuine heart towards her…..

She hoped that after Li Moying regained his consciousness, Bai Liufeng would be able to accept this son-in-law sooner!

After this matter, Huang Yueli totally ignored Bai Liufeng’s objection as she insisted on staying beside Li Moying every day, from morning to night to take care of him personally, not relying on anyone. Even feeding him water and medication was done personally by Huang Yueli.

This scenario naturally made Bai Liufeng extremely dissatisfied.

Alas, Huang Yueli was bent on accompanying Li Moying so no matter what he said it didn’t matter at all.