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Chapter 2382: Bai Liufeng appears (6)

When Cang Po Jun heard this off-tone question, his heart thumped as well.

He didn’t feel that Bai Liufeng would not look down on his Sovereign, after all if he wasn’t satisfied, he probably wouldn’t be able to find a better son-in-law than Li Moying.

But Sovereign was engaged with Grandmaster Huang and that wasn’t through Bai Liufeng’s consent, and moreover the both of them were sleeping in the same room…

If Bai Liufeng found out about this, his Sovereign would probably be a little miserable…

But now was not the time to consider all these.

Cang Po Jun recovered his senses and took a step up hastily as he spoke out loudly, “Grand… that, Young Miss Bai, I am very apologetic that I have to interrupt you and Senior Bai from reminiscing, but this place is a little too cold and Young Sect Master seems a little…”

When Huang Yueli heard that, she instantly woke up in shock.

She let go of Bai Liufeng and rubbed the tears from the corner of her eye, turning around and ran towards Cang Po Jun as she looked at Li Moying in his arms.

Li Moying’s complexion was already starting to turn from white to green, and his lips were revealing a slight hint of blackness.

Huang Yueli was in a flurry as she turned her head to look at Liu Buyan.

Liu Buyan squatted down and stuffed a pill into Li Moying’s mouth while talking at the same time, “The freezing zone is bitterly cold but that is secondary. The crux is that earlier we were still able to use our Profound Energies to protect our bodies in the Blood Moon Great Array, but Moying he totally doesn’t have any resistance at all, and can only allow the array to sap away his Profound Energy, so the diminishment of his Profound Energy is much faster than us, luckily we have managed to leave that place in time…”

Huang Yueli urgently turned her head to look at Bai Liufeng as she pleaded, “Father, can you find a safe place for us? Moying’s illness cannot be dragged any further! This time we came to the Northern Ice Fields, the aim is to collect the medicinal herb for him and it must be refined within six days before we can save him!”

Bai Liufeng had finally found his long lost daughter and was just hugging her to enjoy the feeling of being a father.

Whoever knew that he had not even had his fill when his daughter ran off and pounced directly towards a sickly young lad…

Bai Liufeng immediately felt a crisis as he asked vigilantly, “This…. is also your Senior Brother?”

Huang Yueli blinked her big eyes and honestly replied, “Father, this is Blue Profound Sect’s Young Sect Master Li Moying and he is also my fiancé!”

“Fiancé!” Bai Liufeng’s complexion instantly turned slightly green.

However, Huang Yueli seemed as though she didn’t detect anything wrong with that.

After all, she was an orphan in her past life and her Master who adopted her was also a woman. Although she pampered her much, but after all she did not have much experience in interacting with a father.

So she totally didn’t realise that in a father-in-law’s eyes, a son-in-law who suddenly popped out was such a huge hindrance…..

Huang Yueli nodded her head consecutively, “That’s right, Father, Moying is really good to me! When you’re not around, it was always him who protected me, took care of me… this time round he, in order to protect me, it caused his illness to flare up… Father, you have to help me think of a way!”

Bai Liufeng was feeling sour inside his heart, feeling that his cabbage in his hands was not even warmed up yet and it had already been fed to a pig…..

But seeing Huang Yueli’s face which was alike to his beloved wife and that watery big eyes which revealed her request and trust, he had no way to reject her at all.

“The few of you follow me! I have a secluded abode near Lone Sky Summit…”

He wanted to turn around when he suddenly saw his petite little lass Li started carrying the man who was taller than her by a head.