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Chapter 2366: Quick… quickly escape…… (2)

“You absolutely cannot walk about recklessly and we will be responsible for clearing the surrounding red scorpions.” Liu Buyan instructed.

Huang Yueli hurriedy nodded her head and passed Li Moying over to Cang Po Hun then under Liu Buyan and Cang Po Jun’s protection, they gradually got closer to the blood pool.

As the three of them advanced towards their target, there were waves of bustling coming from the blood pool and the water started rippling up and down, as splashing sounds were heard.

One after another Weeping Soul Red Scorpions started to crawl out from the blood pool, surfacing out from the water as they surged towards them.

Luckily, Liu Buyan and Cang Po Jun had been prepared earlier and were defending cautiously, as they kept on killing or chasing those red scorpions back to the pool, not allowing any one of it to come close to Huang Yueli.

Huagn Yueli walked to the left and right and started seriously studying the array pattern and mechanism by the side of the pool.

After a while later, she let out a cry of surprise as her voice was filled with astonishment and even carried a few hints of terror.

Liu Buyan turned his head curiously over and shot her a look, “Junior Sister, have you found any leads?”

Huang Yuel’s hands were placed behind her back and her brows were creased tightly as her two eyes stared at a pillar in front without blinking, and not saying a single word.

“Grandmaster Huang, what’s the matter?” Cang Po Jun also got curious.

Huang Yueli pursed her lips and said, “Take a look, the man on that pillar, doesn’t he look… a little familiar?”

“Familiar?” Cang Po Jun heard that and turned his head over to take a look.

On one look, his whole body jolted, “This… this… isn’t he…..”

His tongue was tied as he wasn’t even able to speak out a complete sentence.

“If I don’t remember wrongly, this should be one of Blue Profound Sect’s inner disciple, I think his surname is Dong?” Huang Yueli could only open her mouth from seeing the degree of his shockness.

Liu Buyan also turned his head around when he heard that, only to see a male practitioner who was around thirty year old or so being surrounded by ten over Weeping Soul Red Scorpions, as he was tightly stuck on a pillar. The blood in his body had totally been sucked dry and the entire body’s blood and flesh was shrivelled, sticking onto his bones and his skin even started to decay.

Only that face, was considered as complete, barely able to let someone recognise his identity.

Liu Buyan frowned, “Junior Sister, you’re saying that this is Blue Profound Sect’s disciple? What’s going on? Did that Lord Zhan really stretch out his demonic claws on Blue Profound Sect when we weren’t around?”

Huang Yueli shook her head, “He shouldn’t have been caught recently right? This Junior Brother Ding isn’t very young, I’ve seen him before I self-exploded in my past life!”

Liu Buyan was dazed for a second, following which he was so shocked that he couldn’t say a single word, “Junior Sister, you mean to say…. Surely not… this man has already been caught to this place for more than a decade?”

Until now, Cang Po Jun then recovered from his shock but his face was still filled with disbelief as he said, “Although it’s not more than a decade, but indeed it has been for many years. Junior Brother Ding Jian is a manager in the inner school and his cultivation had reached seventh stage realm peak. But five years ago, there was once when he went out on experience learning and had mysteriously disappeared. We all thought that it was the Six Sacred Lands who silently did something, in order to fight for resources or something like that hence they murdered him. Whoever knew that… he was actually captured by Lord Zhan and being kept at this place!”

“This fellow is really deranged, he actually captured disciples from our Blue Profound Sect to feed and rear the Weeping Soul Red Scorpions!” Cang Po Jun was so infuriated that his face turned red, gritting his teeth as he said that.