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Chapter 2365: Quick… quickly escape…… (1)

When the group heard Huang Yueli’s explanation, the expressions on their faces turned uglier.

The situation seemed to be much more sombre than what they had imagined amd based on Huang Yueli’s saying, don’t think that their Profound Energies were still abundant now, it seemed as though there wasn’t any danger temporarily but once the time dragged on, it would eventually still lead to a dead end.

Cang Po Hun’s face turned paler still.

“This.. this is bad, then wouldn’t that mean that we’d be dead for sure?”

Liu Buyan was still rather composed as he took out a few porcelain medicinal bottles from his realm ring and distributed them to everyone.

“This contains seventh levelled Revolution Spirit Pills and can be used to replenish Profound Energy. Later on if you feel that you have exhausted too much Profound Energy, just take one and it will last for at least another four hours.”

Cang Po Jun and the others received the pills and responded with words of gratitude.

Seventh levelled medicinal pills had shocking pricing and just one piece sold in Soaring Heavens Merchant Guild came at a heavenly price. For same stage realm practitioner battle, one would just need to take one pill and he would be able to reverse the entire battle outcome.

Now Liu Buyan had given them one bottle each, so such generosity naturally left Cang Po Jun and the others awed.

Liu Buyan waved his hand and said, “No need to thank you. We should preserve our battle power, work in unison to leave this damn place which is of utmost importance. Junior Sister, you really can’t think of a way to leave this place? Although we are not in any danger now but it isn’t a long term plan for us to stay here for long!”

Huang Yueli said, “Of course I know that… moreover….” She looked worriedly at the unconscious man in her arms, “Moying’s current situation is simply too dangerous! Within seven days if we don’t leave this place and refine the Purified Pill…”

Actually, now that time was so pressed, even if they were in a safe place now, they might not guarantee that they would be able to save Li Moying, what more that they were currently in such a precarious situation!

If it was any other person, facing such a difficult situation, they might have already lost all hope, choosing to give up in the deepest abyss of their hearts.

But Huang Yueli forced herself to stay composed as she calmed down to think of the next step to take.

“Actually, to break the Blood Moon Great Array, it’s not as though we totally have no chance, but…” She carefully observed the surrounding situation, “This array is set up and totally relies on the blood pool in the centre, and these pillars, each one of it has a special array pattern on them… I must go a little closer, to take a careful look by the side of the blood pool.”

Huang Yueli just finished her words when Cang Po Jun immediately frowned and opposed, “Grandmaster Huang, is it a must to go to the side of the blood pool? How near do you need to be? The blood pool is extremely dangerous and those Weeping Soul Red Scorpions which attacked us have all crawled up from that blood pool. We’re standing so far away and yet those red scorpions were still able to sniff the smell on us to come near, so if you were to stand next to the blood pool, I’m afraid… by then we can’t even imagine how many red scorpions will gather around!”

Huang Yueli sighed, “What you said is something that I naturally understand. But if I don’t personally check on the array pattern and distribution pattern of the mechanism, there’s no way that I can decode it at all! Snow Phoenix Palace’s mechanisms are all left down from the ancient times and there are no antecedents to adhere to so I can only take the risk to go nearer.”

What Huang Yueli said was the truth and everyone present knew it clearly.

So even if the crowd were unassured, they had no choice but to listen to Huang Yueli’s arrangement.

“Then… Junior Sister you must follow us closely.”