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Chapter 2345: Where is the Sky Phoenix Ring? (5)

“So, This Seat was thinking back then, to invite President Jiang to Snow Phoenix Palace and ask him to impart his knowledge to This Seat regarding armament refining. Whoever knew that he was already too old and his mind wasn’t able to turn around so upon hearing This Seat talking about the Sky Phoenix Ring, he immediately activated the Armament Guild’s self-destruction mechanisms!”

Lord Zhan was shaking his head as he talked, with an extremely vexed expression.

“In this way, forget it if he himself didn’t want to live, he even killed so many men of mine! Who should This Seat cry to?”

Upon hearing that, Huang Yueli really wanted to applaud him for having the ability to reverse black into white!

If it wasn’t them who resorted to various methods of threats and had already risked President Jiang’s life, would he even need to activate the self destruction mechanism?

It was merely because President Jiang didn’t wanted to betray her and moreover, the truth was that he was not able to hand over the Sky Phoenix Ring so if he was brought back by them, he would be coerced to commit suicide!

As for the saying on “inviting” President Jiang over to Snow Phoenix Palace, wasn’t it even more apt to put it as “abduct?”

If President Jiang was really abducted by them to Snow Phoenix Palace, an elderly man like him had negative battle power, there was no way for him to escape so wouldn’t he be tortured by them until his death?

President Jiang would rather not be humiliated by them hence he resolutely chose to take on this path…

Huang Yueli laughed coldly and said, “So it’s like this! But I must say that President Jiang did a brilliant job! Although we Armament Masters are not practitioners, but we will not allow other people to humiliate us! If you dare to bully an Armament Master, you deserve to die!”

Lord Zhan chuckled but still didn’t get angry.

His unhurried look made Huang Yueli feel even more defensive.

To be spoken in such a way like this and still not getting upset, either that person was a soft persimmon, otherwise he would have nothing to fear!

Whereas this Lord Zhan, was apparently not the former.

Lord Zhan changed his posture and continued, “I say that’s true, those people are just too disrespectful towards President Jiang and didn’t manage to find out anything so it’s just as well that they died! But after experiencing this, the Armament Guild’s internal organisation turned disarrayed so their defence was a lot more relaxed then before so This Seat’s men were able to enter many tunes with ease so I’ve finally managed to find out that the Sky Phoenix Ring is indeed not in the Armament Guild.”

Saying that, his pair of gloomy and cold eyes landed onto Huang Yueli’s face once again, as he kept his eyes on her tightly.

“Grandmaster Huang, you say, isn’t this thing very strange? A God Relic…yet for no apparent reason…. It vanished into thin air like that?”

Huang Yueli’s lips curled as her face did not show as though it was billowing with startlement.

As though this top rated practitioner standing on the peak of Soaring Heavens Continent wasn’t able to cause any influence onto her.

“Lord Zhan’s question is really well asked! This is really strange! A good piece of Sky Phoenix Ring, why had it suddenly disappear? Surely, it couldn’t have really turned into a phoenix and flew up into the sky right?”

Lord Zhan sneered slightly, “Turned into a phoenix and fly into the sky? This comparison isn’t bad…. although it’s not correct, but the answer isn’t too far away!”

Saying that he stopped, “Grandmaster Huang, This Seat has already said until here, are you still going to continue to act stupid?”

Huang Yueli’s heart thumped!

From Lord Zhan’s tone, and the attitude where he had briefly described from start till end, it somehow gave her a feeling as though… Lord Zhan had already found out about everything?

Furthermore, even her greatest secret, the Sky Phoenix Ring was actually within her body, he was also totally clear about this!