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Chapter 2344: Where is the Sky Phoenix Ring? (4)


A terrifying guess surfaced in her thoughts!

Lord Zhan’s words had perfectly verified everything.

“This Seat had once sent someone over to the Armament Guild to check on the whereabouts of the Sky Phoenix Ring. I got to admit that the mechanisms in the Armament Guild are extremely complicated and those ninth stage realm top exponents which This Seat had sent out initially had not even managed to enter the rear courtyard and quite a number of them died. Later on, as there were some Armament Masters who were finally willing to cooperate with This Seat and we were able to enter the internal sector of the Armament Guild.”

“But This Seat’s men searched for a very long time and didn’t manage to find the Sky Phoenix Ring, nor were there any clues at all. I heard that Grandmaster Huang was on very close terms with the Armament Guild Headquarters’ President Jiang hence This Seat could only ask my men to go ask him about it…”

Huang Yueli could no longer force herself to continue listening as the teacup in her hand was smashed onto the ground abruptly as a loud bam resounded.

The delicate ceramic ware was smashed hard onto the ground and instantly shattered into smithereens.

Huang Yueli was still not appeased as she slammed her palm on the table, causing the teacups to clang against each other from the tremor!

“So…. President Jiang’s death…. is also done by the men who you sent! President Jiang is highly respected and he had always been friendly with everyone for his entire life, never making any enemies at all! Just how many talented apprentices with impoverished backgrounds had been taken in under his wing and had gained much help from him! Such a nice elderly like him, yet you actually dealt with him with such a deadly hand!”

Huang Yueli was so angry that her body was trembling.

Speaking of that, for a practitioner like her who sought after the peak realm of cultivation had always been licking blood on the tip of the blade, and had encountered countless life and death crisis!

The art of cultivation was originally going against heavens and this entire process, even if one were to die, no matter for what reason, they shouldn’t blame it on anyone at all!

So although Huang Yueli herself had died in the hands of Lord Zhan, she was able to suppress her hatred towards him and consider to work together with him.

But Huang Yueli could not imagine that the other party only thought of himself so much that he would even murder an elderly who only had his mind in the art of armament refining, and had never dabbled in the affairs of the world!

This kind of thing, had simply broken through the lower limits of the morality of a practitioners’ morals!

However, Lord Zhan didn’t think much when he saw Huang Yueli being so angry, as he remained as stable as Mount Tai in his original position.

A smirk ,however, seemed to have emerged from the corner of his lips.

“Grandmaster Huang, it’s not as though this is your first day of being in the world, surely there’s no need to act until you’re so innocent right? Even if President Jiang is an Armament Master, he is also a part of the practitioner’s circle! Moreover speaking, ever since he found out about the Sky Phoenix Ring’s secret, then he should know clearly that sooner or later, he would come to this end. If you don’t wish to let him die, then you should not have told him about this secret right from the start so if we have to get down to basics, the person who caused his death… is actually you!”

When Huang Yueli heard his shameless words, she laughed instead of flying into a rage, “Lord Zhan, you really have the gift of the gab! But do you know or not, how the word shameless is written?”

Facing Huang Yueli’s provocative attitude, Lord Zhan remained extremely calm.

Even when he was swung by such an aggravated word, “shameless” onto his face, his tone and posture remained peaceful.

“Grandmaster Huang, why bother doing this? To tell you the truth, back then This Seat wasn’t intending on killing him. That old man knows too much, much more than what you could have imagined! If I just killed him like this, wouldn’t This Seat be making a huge loss?”