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Chapter 2343: Where is the Sky Phoenix Ring? (3)

“Looks like Grandmaster Huang is intending to act stupid until the very end?” Lord Zhan’s brows rose as he said that.

Huang Yueli had no other choice but to continue acting blur, “Act stupid? Since when am I acting stupid? I dare to swear to Heavens that sixteen years ago when I came to Lone Sky Summit, I indeed carried the Sky Phoenix Ring on me. After my self-explosion, I am just a dead person so what else can I possibly know!”

Lord Zhan casted her a chilly glance when he heard that and spoke slowly, “Alright, since you insist on acting stupid, then This Seat shall make it clear with you! Grandmaster Huang’s temper, I know, you’re the kind who would not shed any tears until you see the coffin!”

He took a sip of tea and continued, “After Grandmaster Huang self-exploded in Lone Sky Summit, This Seat had been searching in the snowy grounds for a very long time but didn’t manage to find any traces of the Sky Phoenix Ring. At that time I kept pondering over this issue, feeling that there were only two possible options. One was that Sovereign Mu had retrieved the Sky Phoenix Ring after he finished the massacre and the other was that Grandmaster Huang totally hadn’t brought the Sky Phoenix Ring over.”

“I wasn’t certain which guess would fit the truth so I could only send my men out to check on these angles at the same time.”

“Not long after this incident, Sovereign Mu chose to use the secret method to summon Grandmaster Huang’s soul back and at the same time, announced to everyone that he was going into closed door seclusion. And to be frank to Sovereign Mu, later on I’ve managed to bribe a number of Blue Profound Sect’s disciples for them to head over to Levitation Sword Palace to find out about the whereabouts of the Sky Phoenix Ring. Later on, various signs showed that Sovereign Mu indeed did not have the Sky Phoenix Ring in his possession. Moreover, back then Sovereign Mu should be determined to fully utilise the secret method hence he wouldn’t be concerned about some God Relic so this should be something that This Seat had thought too much about.”

Li Moying frowned but didn’t say much.

At this point, Lord Zhan wasn’t wrong at all. That year after he rushed over to Northern Ice Fields and saw Huang Yueli self-exploded in front of his eyes, he instantly delved into a manic state, only caring to wave his sword and kill those people to exact revenge for Huang Yueli so where would he find the time to consider about some God Relic?

Even after he entered “closed door cultivation”, he hadn’t even recalled the matter regarding the Sky Phoenix Ring!

It was right until he met this little fox once again in this lifetime, regained his memories before he knew about the whereabouts of the Sky Phoenix Ring…..

Lord Zhan was calm and unhurried as he continued to analyse, “Then the remaining other possibility was that Grandmaster Huang didn’t bring the Sky Phoenix Ring over to the Northern Ice Fields. If it was like this, then where would Grandmaster Huang leave it at? Such an invaluable treasure like this, could only be left to a most trusted person.”

“Grandmaster Huang naturally trusted Sovereign Mu the most but before she set off for Northern Ice Fields, Sovereign Mu had already gone into closed door for a period of time hence she didn’t have the opportunity to pass the God Relic over to Sovereign Mu.”

“Of course, she could have possibly left the God Relic inside her own Sect Mythical Flame Palace or perhaps with the closest knitted Celestial Heavens Gate but This Seat knows that they don’t have the Sky Phoenix Ring.”

Hearing about this, Huang Yueli’s lips surfaced a cold smile.

Lord Zhan’s words, even if it was verified on a side note that he and Chi Xiao Jiu and Ling Qing Yu had indeed colluded together sixteen years ago!

Although she knew about this truth long ago, but when it was verified by the personnel involved, it still made Huang Yueli’s heart turn icy cold.

These people were someone… whom she was once incomparably close with, and unconditionally believed in, her Senior Brother and best friend!

However, even before she could respond, Lord Zhan continued to speak, “So This Seat had been guessing that the only place where you could have possibly left the Sky Phoenix Ring, should be in the Armament Guild!”

Hearing this, Huang Yueli’s pupils contracted!