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Chapter 2335: Crisis! Identity exposed! (1)

The blood which flowed out of Meng Wan’er’s neck slowly seeped out as it flowed into the grout lines of the floor.

The air was originally filled with a dense blood stench and now it began to become even stronger.

Lord Zhan replied calmly, “My apologies, this young lass is just too noisy and has affected both’s emotions so I’ve already dealt with her. Both of you please don’t mind, come over and have a seat.”

Lord Zhan’s move was simply too unexpected.

A living sixth stage realm practitioner, moreover someone whom he had used to do things for him, in an instance was killed by him personally.

This method was cruel and emotionless, which was enough to make many feel terrified.

Huang Yueli and Li Moying weren’t ordinary practitioners and this matter itself wasn’t enough to make them emotionally moved.

But the two also sensed that since Lord Zhan dared to casually kill someone like that, to have no qualms about killing Meng Wan’er, a large Sect’s disciple, they could gather that his motive was extremely big, and moreover he had no fear at all!

If they wanted to get the Bipolar Black Orchid from his hands and retreat in one piece, it would probably…. be an extremely difficult matter!

Li Moying shared the same thinking but his expression remained unchanged as he spoke out calmly, “Lord Zhan, you’re really too courteous.”

Saying that, he embraced Huang Yueli as they walked to the table and sat down.

Lord Zhan’s mood was very good and the murder that he had just committed didn’t affect him at all.

He sat on the opposite side of Li Moying and Huang Yueli, personally pouring out the tea for them as he smiled and said, “This time, to be able to invite both of you, it’s really not easy. Both of you please don’t blame This Seat for resorting to such methods. After all, based on both’s identity, if I don’t think of some idea, it would be very difficult for me to welcome your presence.”

This sounded a little strange but still they weren’t able to tell what was strange about it.

Huang Yueli carried the teacup and replied modestly, “What’s Lord Zhan saying? Since we’re already here, there’s no need to put on such formalities. If there’s anything that you want to say, please do be frank. I only want to know what you want, before you’re willing to hand over the Bipolar Black Orchid to us.”

Lord Zhan chuckled as his voice sounded even weirder.

“Ha ha, Grandmaster Huang, please don’t be so impatient, what’s the rush? You’re really like what the rumours say, your patience is really not that good!”

Huang Yueli’s hand shook as she almost threw out that cup of tea in her hand!

Hearing Lord Zhan’s words, her mind went blank for a moment as she simply could not believe what she heard!

Lord Zhan actually called her “Grandmaster Huang”??

How did he find out that she was Huang Yueli? The number of people who knew her identity was far by few and moreover, every single one of them were her trusted aides!

The waves in Huang Yueli’s heart were surging rapidly but her expression remained unchanged.

She lifted her eyes as she put the teacup back lightly while she carried a smile as she replied, “Lord Zhan, what did you call me? Have you got the wrong person? No wonder I haven’t been able to understand why you keep on targeting us because we obviously don’t have any grudges or grievances? So, it’s because you’ve mistaken us as someone else?”

Lord Zhan looked at her delicate face as he spoke out in a hoarse voice, “Grandmaster Huang, we open people do not talk hidden language so why bother putting on an act? Aren’t you the Number One Armament Master whose name quaked throughout the whole world, and later the one who self-exploded at Lone Sky Summit’s Young Palace Lord of Mythical Flame Palace, Huang Yueli?”

This time, Lord Zhan didn’t bother to go on a roundabout but directly exposed her identity.