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Chapter 2316: Remote Transient Secret Fire (2)

However, it remained silent for a mere moment when it started crying out in irreconciliation once again.

“Female…..Female Devil, don’t you think…. Don’t you even think about applying domestic violence on This Lord, be careful that This Lord runs away from home!”

Huang Yueli spoke chillingly, “Mn, sure, if you have the ability to leave this home then go on ahead, I guarantee that I will not stop you!”

As Huang Yueli’s spiritual artifact, Little Wang Cai totally had no way to leave its spiritual weapon too far apart and even if it wanted to run away, it was impossible so Huang Yueli had no fear at all.

Little Wang Cai was so angry that it kept grinding its teeth, but yet it could not do anything to its female master.

After a while later, it weakly opened its mouth once again, “Female Devil, never mind if you don’t let me out but I sensed that there’s a very, very, very important treasure here so you must get it for me! Otherwise I will keep making noise until you have no way to sleep at night!”

Hearing that, Huang Yueli’s brows rose up. This stinky brat totally didn’t didn’t learn to be obedient at all, it didn’t even forget to threaten its master?

She wanted to teach him some love education but instantly changed her mind when she heard the word” treasure”.

After all, Little Wang Cai was an ancient spiritual beast and ordinary treasure, even if it was a ninth tiered Profound Armament, it was no different from a broken piece of junk in its eyes.

But now, LittleWang Cai actually said that there was a treasure in the underground Palace!

Moreover, it even said three consecutive “very” to describe this treasure!

This went to show that no matter what this underground Palace was hiding, it was definitely something very valuable a seven possibly a rare grade treasure even in God Realm!

This kind of treasure, since it’s already right under their eyelids, if she didn’t manage to obtain it, it simply would make her feel uncomfortable everywhere.

But considering their current predicament which they were facing right now, Huang Yueli silently questioned in her heart, “What treasure do you think this is? How far is it from us right now?”

Little Wang Cai flapped its wings and said anxiously, “I also can’t tell what it is, only sensing that it’s extremely valuable and extremely attractive so I must get it! Moreover it’s already very close to us right now and it’s just….. Behind the door to your right hand side! I have a feeling that once we open that door, we will be able to see it!”

“Oh, really?” Huang Yueli was tempted as she turned her head and looked towards the right side.

To tell the truth, she really couldn’t tell what was so unusual about the door on the right.

In actual fact, the eight doors in this large hall all looked the same from the exterior and there was simply to difference to speak of.

But Little Wang Cai’s words would absolutely not be a mistake.

Huang Yueli thought for a while and stopped in her tracks, and at the same time, tugged Li Moying.

Whereas at this moment, Meng Wan’er had already stopped on the second door from the left.

Realising that the both of them didn’t follow along, Meng Wan’er turned her head around and stared at Huang Yueli with a slightly impatient gaze.

“Young Miss Bai, why are you walking so slowly? Haven’t I said this earlier? You must follow me properly! If you don’t wish to leave, then will you please stay on your own and not drag Young Master Li down with you!”

Meng Wan’er shit disdainful gaze at Huang Yueli.

If it was possible, she would rather Huang Yueli not be able to chase up with the group or perhaps trigger some mechanism accidentally to be left behind.

But Li Moying was constantly by Huang Yueli’s side and if Huang Yueli didn’t follow along, Li Moying would definitely also go missing.