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Chapter 2315: Remote Transient Secret Fire (1)

As they walked into the second large hall, Huang Yueli’s footsteps paused for a moment as her vision landed on the four walls.

She pondered and said, “Looks like this place indeed is Sacred Phoenix Race’s ruins…”

Li Moying followed her line of vision when he heard that.

He realised that on the walls of the large hall, the intricate wall murals, especially above their heads, was depicted with a picture of a phoenix which looked especially real!

This phoenix was extremely beautiful and looked vividly realistic. The feathers on it were extremely detailed as every single piece of it was distinctly shown.

Its head was raised as it was crying to the skies and both wings were flapping so even if they knew that it was just a painting, it made one develop an illusion as though it would tear itself out from the walls at any moment in time!

When they met with the phoenix’s eyes, there was even a feeling that the surrounding air had turned even hotter than before.

Seeing Huang Yueli and Li Moying stopping in their tracks, Liu Buyan and the others were surprised, hence they also lifted up their heads and looked at the murals.

“Heavens, this…this is a phoenix? One of the ancient spiritual beasts?” Liu Buyan exclaimed with shock, “So, this kind of ancient spiritual beast really exists under this heavens!”

Cang Po Jun and the others also tsked in curiosity, “So beautiful, so the phoenix looks like this. I heard that the ancient God clans have overbearing abilities and their innate talents are so outstanding that its clansmen were even able to rear ancient spiritual beasts, I wonder if its true or not?”

Huang Yueli’s lips curled when she heard their little discussion.

It’s true, of course it’s true!

Moreover, Liu Buyan, Cang Po Jun and some others had actually seen her Wang Cai with their own eyes. Only thing was Huang Yueli had been lying to them that it was just a mutated rosefinch.

Rosefinches were ninth tiered magical beasts and the various species of mutation was naturally even stronger. Liu Buyan and the rest had never seen other phoenixes so they trusted Huang Yueli very much.

Moreover speaking, Little Wang Cai was so fat and as compared to the cool huge phoenix, they really couldn’t tell that it was the same species…

She wondered how shocked would Liu Buyan and the rest be when they find out the truth in future?

As Huang Yueli was thinking about Little Wang Cai, suddenly she heard Little Wang Cai’s voice in her mind.

“Female Devil, let me out, I want to go out!!”

Huang Yueli was a little surprised by cause Little Wang Cai was fire attributed and ice and fire were naturally contradictory so ever since they entered the Northern Ice Fields, Wang Cai wasn’t accustomed to this extreme cold weather and air which was filled with ice attributed energy so it had been hiding inside the Sky Phoenix Ring, totally unwilling to come out.

Huang Yueli also didn’t want to release it because after all, a dubious intended outsider Meng Wan’er was around and if she saw through any flaws, they would easily meet with trouble.

Thinking of this, Huang Yueli hurriedly pacified it, “You’d better not come down first and properly stay inside the Sky Phoenix Ring and cultivate. Elder Sister needs to deal with some important matters for now. When we leave the Northern Ice Fields, it’s up to you to play wherever you want, and I’ll personally roast chicken drumsticks for you to eat!”

However, Little Wang Cai still wanted to come out, not even caring about its favourite roasted chicken drumsticks.

” Don’t want, Female Devil, I must come out, let me out!”

When Huang Yueli heard that this snotty brat actually started running a dye house when she gave him some leeway and instantly changed her tone.

“No way, you can’t come out! You’d better listen on diently and if you make any more noise, don’t blame me for spanking your butt later!”

Little Wang Cai was indeed a coward who was afraid of the strong and bullied the weak so when he heard this threat, he immediately stopped a little.