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Chapter 2314: Worked hard to put up a good show (6)

Meng Wan’er took a step forward as she totally ignored Huang Yueli. Right from the start, only Li Moying’s perfectly suave and cold countenance entered her pair of big eyes.

“Young Master Li, what do you guys intend to do?”

Li Moying felt a wave of disgust sweeping over him once again and only after Huang Yueli poked him again did he unwillingly opened his mouth.

“Since….. Young Miss Meng you have so much confidence, then we will trouble you to lead the way for us!”

Meng Wan’er thought that she had finally won Li Moying’s attention as joy spread over her face and she replied quickly, “Alright, Young Master Li, just watch what I’ve got!”

Finishing her sentence, she didn’t forget to shoot a provocative gaze at Huang Yueli as she walked towards the third door from the left.

Meng Wan’er recalled the key which the ghost masked man had taught her as she stretched out her hand and pressed several times along the frame of the door.

A soft “clack” sound was heard and that huge door slowly opened up.

The moment the room door opened up, everyone perked up their senses as they put on a defensive stance that they possibly might need to deal with the traps that could appear.

However, no accidents happened at all.

The room door opened up quietly to reveal a long corridor behind it.

When Meng Wan’er opened the door, she herself was on tenterhooks as she was worried that the ghost mask man might not have stated it clearly enough or perhaps she might have understood wrongly. As long as there was a slight mistake, to her, that meant a disaster which might result in the loss of her life!

Fortunately everything went smoothly.

Meng Wan’er fel that victory was already beckoning to her and she felt extremely delighted as she puffed out her chest and turned her head back to say, “Alright, we will leave from this path and that will do. Everyone quickly follow up because there are a lot of mechanisms here so if anyone falls behind the group and any accidents happen, I will not be able to save you!”

Cang Po Jun showed an astonished expression,” What the, what situation is this now? Meng Wan’er actually managed to open the door successfully and not trigger any mechanism? Could she really know how to leave this place?”

Liu Buyan’s brows were tightly creased right from the start, “Isn’t this a little too abnormal? This matter….. There’s definitely something fishy going on!”

Whereas at this moment, Huang Yueli andLi Moying had already walked right next to their sides.

Huang Yueli took a look at the both of them and said, “Alright, stop your wild guesses. Let’s follow up first and we can talk about all these later on.”

Right now, she had already regained her usual composed and steady look, whereas that frail and weak image that she portrayed earlier was gone with the wind!

Liu Buyantook a look at the expression on her face and instantly understood what happened as he said, “Junior Sister, could it be that earlier you…”

“Hush!” Huang Yueli raised one finger next to her lips and made a silence sign, “Meng Wan’er is already looking at us, let’s hurry over!”

The few of them also reacted as they instantly put their hearts at ease while following behind Huang Yueli and Li Moying, as they entered the corridor.

This underground palace’s corridor was extremely long and the group followed behind Meng Wan’er for almost one hour before they saw another door appearing in front of their eyes.

Meng Wan’er managed to open the door with ease as she led them to yet another large hall.

Looking at the large hall’s scenario, the crowd were all dumbstruck.

Because this large hall was exactly the same as the previous one, which was also constructed with the Tenro Star Rocks and the large hall was filled with thick Heaven and Earth Profound Qi. Even the surroundings were evenly distributed with eight doors which was exactly the same as earlier.

If it wasn’t for the fact that the wall’s paintings weren’t the same, all of them might assume that they had just gone one big round,only to come back to the starting point.