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Chapter 2306: Meng Wan’er makes her move (6)

Huang Yueli raised up her head and looked at the pillar for a very long period of time.

After that, she took out a pair of silver gloves and wore on her little fair hands as she stretched them out and felt along the surrounding walls.

Her slender fingers carefully touched every single slit of the stones.

After some time, she finally stopped and removed the gloves off her hands.

She observed for a while and Li Moying didn’t dare to interrupt her and waited for her to stop before he walked over and wiped the sweat off her forehead while asking concernedly, “Li’er, how is it? Do you have any idea?”

Huang Yueli frowned slightly as she replied, “If I don’t remember wrongly, I somehow feel that I’ve been to this place before…”

Li Moying went into a blank as he asked puzzledly, “You’ve been here before? When was that, could it be…..” He thought of something and suddenly stopped.

Huang Yueli was able to understand his meaning and nodded her head, “Right, in my past life that time when I came to Lone Sky Summit, I’d once unintentionally entered an early historical remain but that time I didn’t fell from the rooftop and moreover I didn’t entered this room…”

She creased her brows and once again checked on the surroundings, “Earlier the first time I laid my eyes on the storage room, I found it a little strange because the decor here was similar to the early historical remains that I had mistakenly intruded into in my past life but I wasn’t too certain if it was the same place. But earlier when I checked the layout of the mechanisms in this room, it is exactly the same as the one that I met the last time! There is a great possibility of the decor being repeated but in such a large underground palace, the internal mechanisms would definitely be designed separately, and not possible to repeat with the other remains.”

Li Moying was extremely surprised, “In this way, it’s really a little too coincidental!”

“Indeed too coincidental!” Huang Yueli’s brows creased as she pondered over this, “Could it be that it’s really just a coincidence? If it’s not a coincidence…”

Her mind flashed past a thought but after thinking through carefully, she felt that it wasn’t quite possible.

She shook her head, “Shouldn’t….go to this extent right? If it’s like this, then it’s a little too…”

Li Moying stared at her face which had creased into a ball as he lifted his hand and touched her long hair while speaking out in a deep voice, “What’s the matter? If there’s something that you can’t think through, you can tell me and I’ll let you think through it together.”

Huang Yueli’s eyeballs rotated as her gaze swept past the corner not too far away, where Liu Buyan and the others were waiting for them.

She stretched out her arm and wrapped it around Li Moying’s neck as she pulled him down towards her and whispered something into his ear.

Li Moying’s face revealed an astonished look, “This….” He thought about it and nodded, “Alright, we’ll do according to what you say!”

The two of them discussed for a while more before they returned back.

When they returned to the group’s resting place, Liu Buyan’s voice filled with ridicule was heard again.

“How? Finally finished touring? Seeing the both of you hugging together and talking sweet nothings for such a long time without moving, I thought that you can’t bear to return!”

Li Moying gave a cold humph but didn’t say a single word.

Earlier when the both of them were in each other’s arms, they were mainly discussing a plan but from the outsider’s view, it really did seem as though they were being intimate.

Huang Yueli also realised this later on and was a little embarrassed yet she could not explain clearly so she could only speak out meekly, “Senior Brother, how is your rest coming along?”