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Chapter 2284: Kneel and not get up anymore! (4)

“Think about it you guys. In this group of ours, we are all practitioners from Blue Profound Sect and every single one’s ability surpasses Meng Wan’er and if she follows us around, don’t talk about coming up with any schemes, she can’t even guarantee her own safety. If any one of us moves a finger, we can just kill her! Moreover, a few days ago, I just assassinated her with the mechanism, almost to the point of being crippled for life!”

“Think about it, if you were in her shoes, wouldn’t you hide from us instead? Will you still come sticking up to us, insisting on following us around?”

Huang Yueli’s brows creased slightly, as she voiced out the suspicions in her heart.

Hearing that, Cang Po Jun also delved into deep thoughts as he nodded, “What Grandmaster Huang said is right, there is indeed something illogical in this matter! She follows us along with so many of us on the journey and we’re all Grandmaster Huang’s men so if Grandmaster Huang doesn’t see eye to eye with her and silently kills her, no one would ever find out about it so why does she even dare to follow us?”

Liu Buyan thought differently about this, “As the saying goes, there is a knife on top of the lust word! Perhaps she doesn’t mind braving through fire for our Young Sect Master Li’s beauty?”

Li Moying’s cold gaze swept over once again.

Huang Yueli hurriedly hugged his arm tighter and at the same time, casted Liu Buyan a stare, “Senior Brother, can you please stop stirring up things, we’re talking about official matters! Since this matter is so abnormal, then perhaps there’s some reason that we do not know about. I can only make guesses that Meng Wan’er must be under some immense motivation which made her so insistent on following us, and even to the point of letting go of her pride to kneel down and apologize to me!”

“What reason?” Cang Po Hun subconsciously let out this sentence.

Huang Yueli shook her head, “This… I don’t know about it… so that’s why I want to bring her along, to see what exactly she is up to!”

Cang Po Jun thought about it and still felt unassured as he persuaded, “Grandmaster Huang, This Subordinate understands your intention very much but This Subordinate still feels that doing this is just too risky. Rather than bringing a tumor along with us, it might be better for us to get rid of her first! After all, we’re heading towards Lone One Summit and there will be plenty of troubles waiting for us…”

When Huang Yueli heard that, she nodded and said, “Guardian Jun, have you ever thought in this way, that Meng Wan’er insisted on going along with us, possibly it is related to the matter at Lone One Summit?”

Cang Po Jun was stunned as his face revealed a bewildered look, “This…. This Subordinate doesn’t understand, will Grandmaster Huang please kindly give me some pointers.”

Huang Yueli didn’t keep the secret as she directly said, “Meng Wan’er’s guts is so big, probably there’s someone who’s propping her behind the scenes and Meng Hongye isn’t that kind of two-faced person. She wouldn’t scheme against us after I’ve restored the ancient mechanism so the next person would possibly be that Meng Wan’er was instigated by the ghost masked man.”

When the crowd heard that, they were all stunned.

Even Li Moying also spoke out, “Li’er, why do you think this way? Have you discovered anything?”

Huang Yueli shrugged her hands, “Actually I’m just guessing. But that ghost masked man wanted to meet in One Lone Summit and possibly that is his area of influence. Mainly it is in Northern Ice Fields and Ice Serpent Valley is also in Northern Ice Fields so there’s some sort of link in these two matters which is not impossible. If this was the case, then Meng Wan’er’s actions would really be too suspicious!”

Liu Buyan also retracted his lazy smile, as he turned solemn.