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Chapter 2283: Kneel and not get up anymore! (3)

“It’s not nice of me to reject her kind intentions so since she insists on being our guide, then just let her follow us along! There’s also no need to trouble Valley Master Meng to send another person along.”

When Huang Yueli said that, everyone present was all stunned.

Meng Wan’er was also shocked for a short moment but she recovered and joy filled her face as she spoke out consecutively, “Thank you, Young Miss Bai. You can be assured that as long as you bring me along, I will guarantee that I will utilise my best effort to help you all in the freezing zone! With me around, there’s nothing for you to worry about!”

When Meng Hongye heard those words, her face revealed a smile as she nodded, “Wan’er ah, This Master is assured from hearing what you said. A few days ago, you actually offended Young Miss Bai in such a way, and yet still refused to listen to This Master was slightly worried about you. Now that you’re able to realise your own mistakes, This Master is deeply gratified!”

Meng Hongye would never have imagined that the disciple whom she had always thought of as extremely diligent and outstanding, actually developed thoughts of eliminating someone else, and she even thought that she was truly sincere about turning over a new leaf.

However, on Blue Profound Sect’s side, all of them were smart people so who weren’t able to tell that something was up in Meng Wan’er’s heart!

The group all looked suspiciously towards Huang Yueli as they were all thinking silently: Surely not right? Young Miss Bai was never someone who was so kind-hearted! What was up with her today? Actually had her heart softened just from a tearing white lotus?

Cang Po Jun wanted to voice out but on seeing Li Moying’s backhand signal as he shook it, indicating for him not to open his mouth.

Having derived at an agreement, Meng Hongye sent someone to prepare some things such as dried food and stuff like that as they carried it all out, and also prepared a snow camel for the group to travel in their stead in the snowy grounds.

Just as Ice Serpent Valley’s disciples were busy with preparing the items for them, Cang Po Jun still wasn’t able to control himself as he walked next to Huang Yueli and asked in a whisper, “Grandmaster Huang, you… have you really thought through this carefully? You really want to bring Meng Wan’er along? This woman definitely has some bad intentions, don’t be deceived by her tears!”

Huang Yueli turned back and laughed when she heard that, “Guardian Jun, thank you for your kind intentions! But I know Meng Wan’er has a problem, so I’m intentionally bringing her along!”

Hearing that, everyone was rather surprised and on seeing that no one from Ice Serpent Valley had noticed, they all crowded over.

Junior Sister, what are you up to again? I don’t believe that you can’t tell that this lass Meng, the gaze she cast upon Li Moying… keke, she’s simply doing it so boldly! This kind of shameless woman, if you were to bring her along, we don’t know how much trouble will she cause! Moreover speaking… Meng Wan’er does have some beauty and if my brother-in-law is not able to control himself…”

When Li Moying heard that, his gaze turned chilly and his right hand waved out abruptly!

Liu Buyan hurriedly turned his head sideways.

Li Moying stared at him coldly, “You’re also quite bold, This Seat shall not bring you along as well?”

“Me?” Liu Buyan pointed at his own nose exaggeratedly, “I’m different. I’m Junior Sister’s real, Senior, Brother!”

Li Moying’s lips twitched as he really wanted to punch this ridiculous fellow.

Suddenly, Huang Yueli’s hand hugged his arm and her soft body plastered over towards him, to stop him.

“Enough, enough, you two, have you had enough or not, quarrelling every single day!”

She shot a gaze filled with warning as it swept past the two men.

However, she continued to explain to everyone, “Meng Wan’er insisted on heading to the freezing zone with us and something is definitely not right about this matter!”