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Chapter 2281: Kneel and not get up anymore! (1)

She took half a step back without any trace, “No matter, I’ve already said this before, I didn’t put it to heart at all!”

Meng Wan’er’s eyes were still red as her tone sounded choked.

If this was seen by those people who didn’t know what was going on, they would probably have thought that Huang Yueli was extremely savage and that she had bullied Meng Wan’er to such a terrible state!

“Then… since you don’t mind, let me be your guide! I am really very sincere in thinking of doing something for you guys! Young Miss Bai, may I ask you to be magnanimous and not fuss over the past matters any longer…”

Meng Wan’er was unwilling to let go of this, as she kept pestering Huang Yueli, insisting for her to bring herself along.

Huang Yueli originally wasn’t someone with a lot of patience and this time round, it was on Meng Hongye’s account for giving her the Claret Crystal Bracelet that she went on with a few words of formality patiently.

Now on one look, Meng Wan’er actually was so thick to seem as though she couldn’t understand the meaning of her rejection so her expression started to sink.

Speaking of this, she had totally not forgotten that Meng Wan’er had ulterior motives towards Li Moying, and wanted to undermine her foundation!

Although she was confident that her fiancé would not be dug away, but this point would not influence her into flying into a jealous rage, as she totally could not stand seeing eye to eye with her love rival.

She could forget about it if Meng Wan’er knew her own place, but now she dared to stick her nose at her face?

Huang Yueli gave a cold humph as she spoke out in an unfriendly tone, “Young Miss Meng, do you not understand other people’s words of rejection? I’ve already made it very clear that I want someone with slightly higher cultivation as our guide! You’ve merely just broken through the sixth stage realm and if you follow us along, that would be dragging us down! Valley Master Meng had kind-heartedly lent us a guide to help us, so surely she wouldn’t help us find such a huge trouble right?”

These words of hers, actually, were still rather reserved.

Everyone from Blue Profound Sect could tell clearly the feelings that Meng Wan’er had towards Li Moying but no one from Ice Serpent Valley could actually tell at all.

Huang Yueli didn’t point that out, after all this kind of matter would affect Meng Wan’er somehow and it might even make other people misunderstood that Li Moying had really done something to her. Originally a baseless matter, why bother to allow other people gossip about Li Moying for no reason?

Even though this was so, her words were put across rather severely.

Meng Wan’er’s expression changed abruptly. Earlier her complexion looked rather pale and that was probably just an act but now, it had really turned pale out of embarrassment!

To be disdained by someone in such a way, obviously putting outright that her ability was totally not competent at all.

As Ice Serpent Valley’s core disciple, the publicly acknowledged talented young lady, this was the first time she met with this kind of situation.

But unfortunately, she totally could not rebuke because what Huang Yueli said was basically the truth, and there were no parts which were falsified.

As compared to Huang Yueli and Li Moying, these two peerless geniuses, Meng Wan’er was indeed a piece of trash who would drag other people down!

Meng Wan’er was extremely embarrassed as she felt so ashamed that she could not stand her ground, really hoping that she could find a hole and hide in it!

If it was usual, she would have given up long ago and even if she couldn’t beat Huang Yueli and the others, it was impossible for her to continue staying right here, allowing her to be humiliated!

But at this very moment, Meng Wan’er recalled the words that the ghost mask man said a few days ago.

“… what are you hesitating for? Once the opportunity has passed, there would not be a second chance…”

The ghost masked man’s strange, hoarse tone seemed to be reverberating around her ears…

Meng Wan’er clenched her teeth hard, practically tasting blood in her mouth.

Her knees gave way and she actually knelt down in front of Huang Yueli!