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Chapter 2277: A couple that makes others envious (3)

Meng Wan’er was most afraid of other people saying that she wasn’t comparable to Huang Yueli and when she heard these words, she got slightly agitated.

But on seeing the ghost masked man’s sinister mask, she shuddered, “This…. This Senior, you…. what on earth do you mean by that?”

Ghost masked man burst out in laughter, “If I were to give you a chance now, to have a chance to get rid of Bai Ruoli that lass, will you do it?”

Meng Wan’er’s eyes widened as she thought she heard him wrongly, “Wh… What? Get rid of…. Bai Ruoli? Your mean that… you want me to kill Bai Ruoli??”

The Ghost masked man said, “That’s right, do you dare to do it or not?”

Meng Wan’er was tongue tied and after sometime later, she spoke out in a stammer, “But, this… this… how could I possibly be able to kill her?”

“Oh? Don’t tell me that you don’t wish for her to die?” Ghost masked man’s voice was laced with an obvious temptation.

Meng Wan’er still hadn’t recovered from her shock as she subconsciously replied, “I… of course I wished that the little slut Bai Ruoli would not exist! In this way, there is no one who will snatch the man from me, and I will be able to lift my head up in front of her! But, she… she’s a seventh stage realm practitioner and her ability is much higher than mine. She also has so many guards who are in the ninth stage realm, I… what can I possibly do anything to her?”

The ghost masked man chuckled, “That’s right, just based on your current state, if you wish to kill her, it’s just daydreaming in broad daylight. But if you cooperate with This Seat, This Seat naturally has a way to let her die in front of you! How is it, do you want This Seat to help you?”

“This…. this…”

Meng Wan’er was feeling flustered when she heard this and she looked towards the ghost masked man in a daze.

On one hand, her rationality told her that this mysterious and unfathomable man absurdly found his way here, just to make her cooperate to kill someone so he absolutely had some unknown plot and if she was smart, she should not get involved.

But on the other hand, her feelings kept on crying out loud to her: Cooperate with him and make use of this chance to kill that little slut Bai Ruoli! Otherwise after Li Moying and the rest left the Northern Ice Fields, she would no longer have a chance to get close to him again!

Two voices were in a heated battle in her mind.

The ghost masked man seemed as though he was fearless as he crossed his arms around his chest, silently watching her struggle and shaking her head, portraying the look of how a mad woman behaved.

Finally, after a while later, Meng Wan’er slowly calmed down and the expression on her face turned icy cold.

The ghost masked man then asked, “How is it, Young Miss Meng? Have you decided?”

Meng Wan’er clenched her teeth hard as she nodded, “I… I can cooperate with you! But you must tell me, what motive do you have!”

He gave a cold laugh but he didn’t hesitate, “Isn’t my motive clear enough? I want Bai Ruoli’s life! But I can’t let anyone know that I’m the one who did it, that’s why I came looking for you!”


Meng Wan’er seemed to have thought of something as she frowned and was just about to speak.

He immediately interrupted her, adding, “Don’t worry, as long as you follow my plan strictly, no one will discover that you killed Bai Ruoli! We have a common motive and as long as we work together, both of us will stand to gain. What are you hesitating for? Once you miss this chance, there will not be a second chance!”

These words seemed to be the last straw to overwhelm the camel.