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Chapter 2260: Seventy percent certainty (2)


Meng Hongye recalled the scenario back then and her expression slowly calmed down.

“Young Miss Bai, I think you must have remembered wrongly? That time when I said that if you are able to restore the ancient mechanism, then I’d give the Claret Crystal Bracelet to you but I didn’t mean restoring the mechanism built by Palace Lord Huang! That condition, you haven’t achieved it yet right?”

Huang Yueli nodded when she heard that, “That’s right, so I intend to restore Ice Serpent Valley’s ancient mechanism today so I’d like to verify it with you once again and may I also ask Valley Master Meng to retrieve the Claret Crystal Braceletto take a look. If the Claret Crystal Bracelet is spoiled while in Ice Serpent Valley’s possession, and the effect isn’t as I had anticipated, then wouldn’t I be working for nothing?”

Meng Hongye was stunned again and by the time she understood Huang Yueli’s meaning, her mouth opened agape and was unable to close it for some time, using her shock to express her words.

“Bai… Young Miss Bai, you… you’re not kidding me right? You really… really can restore the ancient mechanism?”

Huang Yueli smiled and said, “Valley Master Meng, do you think that I’m joking?”

Meng Hongye stared at her for a moment and to tell the truth, she also knew that since uang Yueli had brought this matter out, then she definitely had a certain amount of certainty and would absolutely not take this kind of matter for a joke.

But no matter how she thought, she still felt that it was unbelievable.

Ice Serpent Valley’s ancient mechanism was left behind several thousands of years ago!

That time, Soaring Heavens Continents still had abundant Heaven and Earth Profound Qi and strong practitioners were practically everywhere within the Continent!

Many strong practitioners moved about unhindered as they disdained others, and had left behind numerous close to miracle historical remains.

This mechanism had long already been damaged since some thousand years ago and Ice Serpent Valley’s past ten over Valley Masters had thought of many ideas to restore these mechanisms and arrays, but so many years had passed and they still had not come out with any ways…..

Among those Armament Masters who attempted to restore those mechanisms included various ninth ranked Armament Masters but all of them were helpless.

Now, Huang Yueli was only a sixteen to seventeen year old young lass but she actually spoke such conceited nonsense that she was able to restore the ancient mechanism??

How could this possibly be real?

Meng Hongye stared deadly at Huang Yueli, “Young Miss Bai, do you know what you’re saying or not? I’m afraid that you still don’t know about this, that year when Palace Lord Huang made a trip to the Northern Ice Fields, I had once asked for her help to restore the ancient mechanism but she tried several times and ended in failure. Exactly because there was no way for her to restore the ancient mechanism, so she suggested another way which was to help Ice Serpent Valley to set up a set of new mechanisms…”

“A unique king of armament refining genius like her also had no way to solve this problem… based on what reasoning did you think that you’re able to achieve what Palace Lord Huang was unable to do?”

Saying to this point, Meng Hongye seemed to have detected that her tone was slightly harsh as she immediately soothed her tone and added, “Young Miss Bai, it’s not as though I’m belittling you and I also know that your armament refining innate talent is extremely outstanding and in future you will become a ninth ranked Armament Master like Palace Lord Huang! But you’re still young right now, isn’t it? The ninth levelled mechanism that Palace Lord Huang set up and the ancient god levelled mechanism is after all, not on the same tier. I’m worried, do you know the difficulty of this task!”

Huang Yueli had been smiling all the way and upon hearing Meng Hongye’s persuasion, she didn’t interrupt her at all.

It was until Meng Hongye finished everything she had to say before she slowly opened her mouth to speak.